Georgia Linebacker Dannell Ellerby Thrilled About being on SI Cover

NC NighthawkAnalyst IAugust 14, 2008

Georgia linebacker Dannell Ellerbe was especially thrilled about being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated with teammates Knowshon Moreno and Matt Stafford. But it almost didn’t happen.

Richt explains.

“All summer long he had this goatee, and in the summer we don’t have the [facial] hair rule,” Richt said. “But if you’re going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, we want you in the grooming regulations. I think he resisted it a little bit and [sports info] came to me about it.

"I said, ‘Well, Dannell doesn’t have to cut the hair off his chin if he doesn’t want to, but if he doesn’t cut the hair off his chin, he’s not going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. So it’s up to him.

“He showed up the next day all clean-shaven with a big smile on his face. That’s pretty exciting for him.”

And for his family. Ellerbe is from North Carolina but he has a lot of family in New York. The SI covers were regional, so those folks got editions with Ohio State on the cover. So Ellerbe said he is desperately seeking extra copies to send to his uncles and aunts up north.

“I got a copy, but I need about 50 more though. Everybody I know wants one,” he said.

Speaking of Ellerbe, he’s being held out of contact because of a shoulder injury, but Richt said it isn’t serious.

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