Iowa Hawkeye Football: OL Film Review: Ball St Cardinals

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 18:  Wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos #15 of the Iowa Hawkeyes celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the college football game against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona. The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 34-27.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A pretty solid effort this week as this group looks like it's putting the Arizona game behind them.They allowed no sacks and no real pressure of any kind on the QB. Run blocking as a unit was quite good and there were some gaping holes throughout the day.

Reiff looked like he's playing with a chip on his shoulder after last week. He came out and took it to any defender who got within reach.  He continues to impress me with his ability to get down-field and find guys in space. He looks ready to begin his Big 10 season.

Vandervelde and MacMillan looked better this week and both seemed to have a better feel on combo blocks. Last both struggled to get to the LBs and that issue appeared to be addressed this week.  MacMillan continues to struggle with consistently playing low and this makes it difficult to anchor against the bull rush inside and stop penetration. He'll have to work hard to keep this in check as the season goes on.

Ferentz had a couple of poor snaps in this one but otherwise looked good. He showed better technique and did a better job controlling his NT in this game. He continues to look good going after LB's as well and this seems to be his strong point.

Zusevics played solid again this week as he was solid in pass protection and only had a couple of issues in run blocking.  He continues to show excellent athletic ability as he is able to find defenders in space and keep them off the backs. His in-line drive blocking has come along as the season has progressed also.

Gettis and Koeppel both looked solid as they got into this game in the second half.  Both of these guys come across as blue collar grinders. Both add good depth to a quality offensive line. It's definitely a luxury to have these types of guys as back ups.


+1 Good work getting out on the LB here and maintaining contact. Nice work here. D1 Play 1
+1 Excellent pass blocking here as he puts on a clinic. D2 Play 3
+1 Drives his man off the down block about 5-10 yards. Nice work. D5 play 6
+1 Great job getting down-field and getting on the LB and he shows great athleticism as he stays step for step with the LB and chases him all the way down to the end zone. Great blocking. D5 Play 7
+1 Good job pinning the DE out of the seam here as Robinson gets down to the 1. D8 Play 5
+1 Excellent job on the LB on the reverse as he ties him up and keeps him well away from the play. D10 Play 2
+1 Dominant run block here as he puts the LB on the ground on the run play. D10

Overall: +7

+1 Great job recognizing the blitzing LB here as he released his stunting DT and turns inside and stops the LB cold. D2 Play 3
+1 Good work maintaining contact with his DT on the draw play as he opens the lane. D2 Play 5
+1 Just a dominant run block here on the DT as he drives him around and then pancakes him. D3 Play 1
-1 Vandervelde let the LB get away on this play and he makes the TFL on Robinson. D5 Play 1
+1 Perfect technique on his cut block here as he gets into his guys feet and puts him on the ground and then keeps him there. D8 Play 3
+1 Great combo block here as he slides off and drives a LB out of the hole here. Very nice block. D8 Play 5

Overall: +4

+1  Nice work on the combo block here as he quickly gets off the chip and got to the LB. D2 Play 6
-1 Loses control of the NT here and he closes down the seam. D3 Play 3
+1 Nice work this time on the run block as he gets his man on the ground to help open a big hole in the middle. D4 Play 1
-1 Bad Exchange D5 Play 4
+1 Excellent work getting to the LB here as gets there quickly and keeps him well out of the play D5 Play 5
-1 Another bad snap. This one ends up a turn over. D7 Play 3
+1 Nice work here on the combo block as he maintains contact and finishes the block well here. D9 Play 1

Overall: +1

+1 Great job of overpowering his DT and just driving him out of the hole. D2 Play 6
+1 Nice work on the combo/chip as he quick got off the combo and down the LB. D4 Play 1
-1 His DT got under his pads and separated at the POA and had a shot at Robinson it he backfield. Needs to play with better leverage here. D5 Play 5
+1 Nice work here on the screen as he seals the pursuit off here and gives  Robinson time. D7 Play 1
-1 Holding Macmillan D8 play 3
+1 Excellent block here helps open the big lane for Rodgers. D9 Play 5

Overall: +2

-1 Got driven off the ball on the goal line carry. Needs to get lower and not knocked into his own backfield. D2 Play 9
+1 Great down block here as he takes his man way out of the play and opens a big running lane. D4 Play 1
+1 Nice job holding the edge in pass protection on the half roll here. D5 Play 3
-1 Got away with a pretty obvious hold here as he lost his guy and then basically just tackled him. Not sure how the officials missed it. D8 Play 1
+1 Good job pinning his man inside here and really controls him well on the block. D9 Play 2
+1 Effectively blocks two guys here as he blocks the LB and more or less uses him to shield a 2nd guy out of the hole. D10 Play 7

Overall: +2

+1 Excellent work on the combo block here as he drives the DT back into the LB and then locks onto the LB. Nice work here D9 Play 3
+1 Solid technique again here as he gets his hips around and opens up a huge lane. D9 Play 6

Overall: +2

+1 Nice drive block here on the NT on the run play. Really shows some power and good leverage here. D10 Play 3
+1 Really nice job handling the blitzing MLB here as he just redirects him out of the hole and puts him on the ground. Very nice block. D10 Play 8

Overall: +2