Iowa Hawkeye Football: RB/WR/TE Film Review: Ball St Cardinals

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 05:  Wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos #15 of the Iowa Hawkeyes runs a pattern on offensie against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Land Shark Stadium on January 5, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Iowa won 24-14. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Robinson got himself back on track in a big way after looking totally ineffective against Arizona last week. He racked up around 200 total yards of offense and a couple of scores against an over-matched Ball St team. His presence in the passing game gives Iowa a much needed extra dimension to the offense and will make defenses respect that threat. Robinson will need to continue to be a big part of the offense Iowa enters it's Big 10 schedule. He also did a better job in term of attacking blitzers in pass protection, rather than just waiting for them to come to him.

Got our first game-time look at Rogers and Coker this week as well. Both showed some good ability and a physical running style. Both ran a bit higher than you'd like to see and both will need some polishing going forward.  Rogers had a ball literally fly out of his hands as he took a hard hit and Coker did the whole turn your back on contact thing a few times. If these guys can get their COG down and run behind their pads both are capable of picking up a lot of yards this season.

Weather conditions probably contributed to the 4 drops by Iowa WR's and TE's but you still never like to see this many on target passes hit the ground. Overall the group just over matched Ball St's back seven in this one and were pretty consistently open. Iowa stuck to a very vanilla play selection in this game so there wasn't a whole lot to look at.

Keenan Davis finally saw some significant playing time and impressed me quite a bit. He has ball skills and athletic ability that you just can't teach. He looks to have some excellent hands as well and did a nice job of catching the ball away from his body. As the season goes on he should get more and more looks.

Both TE's blocked very well in this one and Reisner looked quite good in terms of route running. He continues to be a legit threat in the passing game and should cause problems for opponents going forward. Despite dropping a sure TD in this one I feel like Herman will also be a threat in the passing game as the season wears on as well.


+1 Nice patience and power on the run by Robinson as he picks his way for a big gainer. D2 Play 6
+1 Excellent work here as he smoothly accelerates into the seam behind his blocks. Nice run. D3 Play 1
+1 Good blitz pickup off the edge here as he doesn’t just sit and wait but closes the gap and redirects the blitzing LB. D3 Play 2
+1 Great job beating the penetration here as he gets his hips down and drives through the contact. D5 Play 5
+1 Good acceleration into the seam here again as a huge seam opens up and Robinson picks up another big gainer. D5 Play 7
+1 Good use of his blocks on the screen here as he picks up some big yards. D7 Play 1
+1 Nice pickup here on the short dump off as he makes guys miss and getting some yards back on first down after the penalty. D7 Play 2
+1 Big time pickup on the short pass here as shakes about 3 defenders in space. Does get caught from behind here though. D8 Play 4

Overall: +8

+1 Good burst on the physical run up the middle. D9 Play 1
+1 Great block by Rodgers there on the reverse. D10 Play 2
-1  Butterfingers the short flat route. D10 Play 5

Overall: +1

+1 Good timing here as he pops this into the seam and has a huge run for the 1st down.  Shows some good stiff arms while he’s at it. D10 Play 7

Overall: +1

+1 Nice lead block on the draw as he finds the MLB and keeps him off Robinson. D2 Play 5
+1 Great block here as he just flattens a guy in space. Put this guy on his back. D2 Play 8
+1 Just flattens a LB again here. He’s putting guys on their backs. D3 Play 4
-1 Holding Pretty obvious call here D5 Play 1
+1 Another great block as he puts his guy on his back again. These are hammer shots he’s putting on guys. D5 Play 6
+1 Good kick-out block again here as he paves the way for the TD. D8 Play 7

Overall: +4

+1 Good route here as he shakes his man and picks up some good YAC as he gets the first down. D1 Play 3
-1 Reisner dropped this ball after doing a very nice job of getting himself open. D1 Play 5
+1 Great effort here as he dives for the first down here. Nice extra effort to help make up for the drop. D1 Play 6
+1 Nice work here as he adjusts to the back shoulder throw and makes a nice catch here. D2 Play 1
+1 Very physical block here as he almost loses his man but gets his hips around, maintains contact and opens up the outside lane. D2 Play 7
+1 Nice blocking here as he gets out on the edge and finds a CB to block as Robinson picks up big yards D3 Play 1
+1 Excellent job of getting to the LB and also stays with him and keeps him off Robinson as he picks up the first down. D5 Play 4

Overall: +5

+1 Great job sealing the outside by Herman here. Really makes this an easy touchdown for Robinson. D2 Play 10
+1 Fires off the ball very quickly here and gets out on the LB to open up a huge running lane. D3 Play 1
+1 Great run blocking here as he gets the inside leverage and drives his man out of the seam. D5 Play 7
-1 Drops a sure TD here. Needed to just trust his hands here as he tried to trap it against his chest and actually knocks out away from himself. D8 Play 6
-0 Holding Looked like a bogus call here

Overall: +2

+1 Nice kick out block here on the OLB to open up the big lane D10 Play 7

Overall: +1

-1 Drops the ball on the out route. Needs to reel that ball in here. D1 Play 2
+1 Good pickup on the backside slip boot here. D2 Play 3
-1 Not a perfect throw on the roll out but he got both hands on this ball and drops it. D3 Play 7
-1 Drops another pass here as he dives. This would have been a first down if he had held on. D4 Play 4
+1 Good work beating the press here and then just using his speed to blow by the defender for an easy TD.  D6 Play 3
+1 Great blocking down the field here as he lets Robinson get inside the 10
+1 Nice route here and a great catch and times his jump well here as he goes up in traffic. D9 Play 6

Overall: +1

-1 Misses the safety here who was blitzing and he brings down Robinson for no gain. D1 Play 4
+1 Picks up some good YAC here on the flat route. D3 Play 5

Overall: Push

+1 Sandeman does a nice job of getting into the open zone here and fighting for the score here. D10 Play 10

Overall: +1

+1 Good speed around the edge here as he picks up a first down. D10 Play 2

Overall: +1

+1 Great grab here as he snags the off target throw from Stanzi. D5 Play 2
+1 Good work to adjust his body and make the catch here. Shows good soft hands and good body control here. D5 Play 3
+1 Great work getting himself open in the end zone for the TD. Not sure what the design/route was but he's wide open. D5 Play 8

Overall: +3