Is Tennessee's AD Mike Hamilton Derek Dooley's Arch Nemisis?

John WhiteCorrespondent IIISeptember 26, 2010

Let me tell you how this is gonna work Super!
Let me tell you how this is gonna work Super!

Mike Hamilton will be the Lex Luthor to Derek Dooley's Clark Kent. Sadly, because of this Coach Dooley may never have the chance to duck into the phone booth and show us the big "S" on his chest.

As I watched the UAB game I noticed an exchange that probably went widely unnoticed to the general public. Like a garden gnome appearing between the weeds and the lilac I noticed a similar looking creature lurking behind some freshman lineman.

Coach Dooley was running his team, doing his best to give the Vol fans a win over UAB and preserve some of the dignity that Tennessee had left. It seemed as though Coach Dooley knew somebody else among the throngs of fans was eyeballing him, and he turned his head sharply to the right...nope, nothing.

It was like an epic moment from the movies; let's say "The Longest Yard." Eddie Albert plays the prison warden who blackmails the pro-QB inmate Burt Reynolds to throw the game, so that his prison guards can win. Only this time it wasn't Burt getting blackmailed but the tension "to me" seemed much the same. It can be likened to the prison guard QB Capt. Knauer played by Ed Lauter. Eddie Albert sees the game getting close and then the score is even. He stares down Ed Lauter and he simply looks away hiding his face in shame.

Okay, I know it's very melodramatic and that didn't take place on the field at Neyland, but there was an exchange, and it was a sign of what was to come. Remember when Jimmy Johnson started losing those pivotal games and Jerry Jones started prowling the sidelines and getting in Jimmy's ear.


It wasn't long before Jerry Jones decided to bring fresh meat, and the cycle began again. Please no more cycles! PLEASE!

Remember that freshman I told you he was lurking behind? It was a simple exchange but the look was there. Dooley felt like he was being watched. He turned to the left as Jawaun James moved and exposed the Vols' Jerry Jones gazing intently at Dooley. UAB had just managed to make a field goal; the score was even. Dooley was busy trying win a game but he locked eyes with an arm-crossed Hamilton and then went back to work the way a good coach does. He didn't need an eyeball—"YOU BETTER WIN" to finish the game.

Dooley really has enough to worry about. Shouldn't some caring individual keep this guy in the press box? You don't see Mike Slive hanging around Hamilton's office. If you are out there assistant, secretary, coffee boy/girl, hot dog vendor, anybody... keep Mike Hamilton off the field long enough for us see that "S" (or "T" in this case) on Dooley's chest.