2012 College Football Recruiting: Devante Pruitt Uses Passion To Shine In Clutch

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

Devante Pruitt (Bolingbrook, IL) prepares to throw against Joliet West (Joliet, IL)
Devante Pruitt (Bolingbrook, IL) prepares to throw against Joliet West (Joliet, IL)

What if I told you that a high school slot receiver and return specialist was also one hell of a quarterback?

Sometimes that is common in high school, you know, the skilled athlete who can play at more then one position. What about, the doubted ones, the ones that are over-looked? 

Devante Pruitt, a member of the Bolingbrook High School football team (Bolingbrook, IL) can testify to the famous saying, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

When quarterback Aaron Bailey left the game towards the end of the first quarter for Bolingbrook, the keys were handed to Pruitt as the starting quarterback, who at 5'7" and 150 pounds, usually finds himself as a return specialist and slot receiver.  

Great players can do it all can't they?

Pruitt is more then a great player, he's got passion. Upon entering the game, Bailey and Pruitt exchanged some motivating words in which Pruitt said "He just told me that I know what to do and just lead the offense and not to worry about everything else. Just go out and play my game and make sure we got in the end zone."

As talented as Bailey, a sophomore, is Pruitt made sure the word "back-up" was not used when people described him. Pruitt's normal style is that of, Percy Harvin and if there was any headaches it was Pruitt delivering it to the opposing coaches. 

As the opposing coaches wondered "Who's their back-up?" Pruitt was making plays. Rushing for one touchdown and delivering a strike for a long touchdown passthe defense could not contain him.

After the game smiling ear to ear, Pruitt said "the win for the team was big because we only need one more win for playoff birth now. For myself it was real big because it kind of opened peoples eyes that I can play this game with varsity even though I'm small."

"I just wanted to go out and have people stop sleeping on me." It's time to wake up folks because Pruitt has his sights set on making it big time, "I'm very driven, and determined. I love the game of football and I want to be able to play it at the next level."

"I want to play in the big 10 somewhere like Northwestern, Michigan State or Ohio State Anywhere that wants a leader, play maker, and someone driven to play everyday of the week I'll happily attend."

With nine touchdowns as a sophomore, he led the team in receptions and had 1100 yards off those receptions. As a junior Pruitt has found the end-zone four times as the season approaches the half-way mark.

As a writer who once walked away from football because of the "too small" label, Pruitt's story hits close to home.

In attendance for this game, seeing a player such as Pruitt under the circumstances in which he entered, was truly something special to be a part of. It's time to wake up people, Devante Pruitt is here to play and he'll make plays no matter what position he's placed at, because the great players always make the best out of given opportunities such as the one given to Pruitt.

There is no dog in this fight because Pruitt is nor a underdog or a regular fighting dog, he's a performer, and can prove it at anytime.  

Special tribute goes out to Devante Pruitt's father, Mr. Billy Pruitt who underwent surgery this past week, while he was not in attendance, his son laid it all out for his dad like a great son and special player would. Pruitt led Bolingbrook to a 32-20 win over Joliet West. Pruitt gets the start next week and with a victory, Bolingbrook advances to the playoffs.