Liveblogging The Big Red Game Vs. The SDSU Jackrabbits

Nebraska FansContributor ISeptember 25, 2010

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 18: Quarterback Taylor Martinez #3 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers rushes for an 80 yard touchdown run in the third quarter against the Washington Huskies on September 18, 2010 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. The Cornhuskers defeated the Huskies 56-21.(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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6:40pm:  Nebraska finally breaks a big play and at the end Taylor Martinez gets called for taunting.  Great.


6:42 1st Quarter in the books and the Huskers and Jackrabbits tied at 0.  This has been an odd day though.  Texas upset earlier and K State almost had a big letdown against UCF.


6:44 First play of the 2nd quarter is a big play action pass to McNeil down to the 4.  First and goal.  BTW, that taunting call against Martinez was ridiculous.  You are playing South Dakota State.  You are supposed to break big runs.  Next play, touchdown, Rex Burkhead.


6:51 Okay, got a 3 and out now.  We should be able to punch another one in here.  Discouraging though, to see that if a team sells out to the run they can slow us down.


6:53 We are going to get a pass interference here, but let's be real, that was a terrible throw.  A bad call also. 


6:56 Second touchdown, a long pass to Kyler Reed.  Martinez sidestepped a big rush and found him wide open.  Still, the ball didn't get delivered on time and the rush laid hands on Martinez before his feet got him out of trouble.  Against a good team I don't think that this would be a positive play














7:02  I don't mean to be an alarmist, but it is more than a little disconcerting to see that when South Dakota State gets a little physical that the Big Red can't easily overpower them.  Of course, I am aware of the fact that the Huskers are playing pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball, and that we have already seen a fair amount of subs get some action.  Even so, I would like to think that we would be holding them to 1 or 2 yards on first down runs rather than 4 or 6 yards.


7:11 Wow, more misfortune.  After a 3 and out, Dejon Gomes gets beat for a jump ball over the middle. Luckily, a holding call brings it back.





7:14 I love the great hit by Lavonte David,,, but,,, yeah, I'm an old man, I don't like to see the dancing around after the play.  I especially don't like to see it against South Dakota State.  While I was writing that, Niles Paul fumbled.  We don't look sharp at all.







7:18 1:51 left in the half, we have the ball at midfield.  So far, 2 runs, 1 pass on the drive.  We need a TD going in at the half.  Let's see if Martinez can make something happen in the passing game.









7:19 INT.  I guess he's not going to get anything going in the passing game.


7:25 Another chance to see the 2 min offense marred by penalties.  T-Mart did complete two passes before the penalties took their toll.  Neither were down the field.  One was a decent drag route where he found Kinnie. 





7:28 Last play of the half, Martinez runs away from pressure rather than finding a receiver.  It's 14-0 at the half, Martinez is 4-8 for 100+ throwing 1 TD and 1 INT.  Bo seems to be taking the silent anger approach into the locker room.







7:33 Doc Sadler, Nebraska Basketball Coach, can put a good face on a real turd.  He's making me excited for Nebraska Basketball, even after last year seeming to take a step backward.  The computer imagery of the new basketball arena looks great.  I am excited to go to some games in this facility, right next to the Haymarket!!!  Saying he is looking foward to the Big 10 basketball schedule,,, not wise.  Those guys are pretty stout.

















7:40 FSN coverage talking about the 300th sellout during last year's homecoming.  Classy. 



7:42 Looking around CFB, Boise State already has 7 pts. against Oregon State.  Florida is up 14 against Kentucky.  Oklahoma is up 12 against Cincy in the 3rd, but they don't look very strong. 


7:49 Second half beginning, Nebraska gets the ball and goes right to Helu.  Second play, Martinez misses a wide open receiver over the middle on the play action.


7:52 After another Martinez incompletion (thrown way behind Helu) SDSU gets the ball back.  The Jackrabbit RB Kyle Minnet has already carried the ball 18 times.  He's been somewhat successful with 55 yards.  On a related note, Nebraska needs to be studying the tape of the UCF- Kstate game today.  Daniel Thomas was held in check, had only 76 yards.












7:57 I've been nitpicking the negatives, so I will give some credit.  It's only an 8 yard gain, but Helu is the first Nebraska RB to get the corner today.  First down on the next play.







8:05 Senator John Thune of South Dakota neglects to mention that his sister lives in Nebraska while being interviewed.  I think FSN is subcontracting with the Husker Radio Network.  Jim Rose and Kent Pavelka are both featured prominently in the broadcast.  


8:07 Two big plays, 1 run, 1 pass by SDSU has them in scoring position.  These guys are playing really hard.  Difficult to imagine how they are 0-2 coming into this game. 




8:11 The early success of the SDSU running game has the Husker defense off balance.  They are in scoring position on this drive. 


8:13 There goes the shutout.  14-3 Nebraska




8:17 Martinez finally makes a good play after two poor reads on the read option, 19 yard pass to Kinnie on the dig route.  I don't understand why they don't try to get Niles Paul involved with some choreographed passes.  I guess they are determined to play vanilla offense no matter what.

8:23 One of the few times we have seen the pistol running look.  Fourth and 2 on the 12, Nebraska goes to the field goal.  I think it's smart.  There is not chance of looking good at this point, we might as well practice situations. 



8:29 4th quarter, leading by 14, it looks like they have some subs into the game in the Red side.  I was surprised to flip over to the Boise St. game and see that they now have 24 pts. in the first half.


8:32 All of the offensive starters are still in the game with 13 min. left.  After gaining 1 first down, it looks like there is going to be another 3rd and long.


8:35 Easily the worst play of the game, Martinez throws into serious coverage, the ball is returned for a TD.  Once again, the return is negated by a penalty. 


8:39 30 yard pass for SDSU being reviewed.  Play will stand. 

8:41 The Huskers don't seem to realize that there are still 10 minutes left.  I guess Dennard does.  INT while I was writing that last sentence.  I think they are going to spot this at the 1 yd. line though.

8:44 Cody Green enters the game on his own 1 yard line.  Hopefully he won't fumble.  He does nothing, even missing a wide open Niles Paul on third down.

8:49 SDSU is going for it on 4th and 5 on the Nebraska side of the field.  Timeout Nebraska.

8:52 Incomplete screen pass on 4th down.  Upset alert, Oklahoma up 2 with only 4 min. left against Cincinnati.  Cody Green still in at QB.

8:55 Cody Green engineers a few first downs, but eventually misses on 3rd down.  Henery with another outstanding boot. There are 3 min. left and SDSU has the ball on their own 3.

8:59 SDSU drive ends on 4th down with an interception.  Now, let's see if Bo really cares about style points.  Here is a chance to see if he cares about the final score, he can easily kick a FG to get to 20 pts., or, he can just take a knee and end this dreadful performance.

9:01 Cody Green still in at QB and Nebraska lines up in the offset I and pounds the ball a little bit.  They are clearly trying to score, but are running the ball to avoid the charges of running up the score.  Then again, after the way they have played tonight, I'm not betting on a score.

9:05 This one's over.  No scoring on the last drive as Roy Helu eats a huge loss.

Closing thoughts:  The Huskers play very poorly, but I'm not sure that this team was as bad as we expected them to be.  SDSU started the season as a top 10 FCS team, and despite their first two losses, they obviously were dealing some talent around the field.  I would like to throw out some props to RB Minnet and the offensive line.  Those guys really hit it, getting over 100yds. against the Blackshirts.  If a few things had gone their way early on, we might have been looking at an upset.  On the offensive side of the ball, Nebraska looked terrible.  Even though we made some plays in the passing game, Taylor Martinez clearly took a step backward.  The SDSU coaches deserve a lot of credit.  Their players were always in the right place at the right time, stunting the Nebraska running game early.  Nebraska doesn't play next week, but come back early on Thursday night in Manhattan, Kansas against K-State on ESPN. 

I'll be there live.


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