South Carolina Vs. Auburn Football: Live Blog, Stats, Analysis

Franklin RabonContributor ISeptember 25, 2010

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 18:  A general view of Jordan-Hare Stadium during the game between the Auburn Tigers and the Clemson Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


A big one here at Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Two undefeated SEC teams going at it in both's first true SEC test.  We have a lot of story lines here, the two best Freshman backs in the country, two inconsistent QBs with big time wideouts and worlds of potential, two stout defenses.  This has all the hallmarks of a classic SEC game.  There has already been several great games today and I have a feeling this may be the best of all.

South Carolina 27 - Auburn 35 (Final)

Follow it all game here on the live blog and don't forget to give your thoughts in the comments section.  I'll try to update every 5-10 minutes.


11:06 PM

Well, Connor Shaw may make me eat my words.  Or not.  .  Great games

10:56 PM

And that was a game sealing INT.  I'll be curious to see why Garcia was pulled.  I have a feeling that it may be more than just fumbles.

10:50 PM

And Connor Shaw is in.  I think it may just be more than Garcia's fumbles, I think he may be worried about the hits Garcia has taken.  

10:41 PM

Critical point in the game here.  If Auburn takes it in for a TD here, it may be over.  

10:33 PM

Garcia looks good still, man I'd have never thought this to be such a track race.  Killer false start there.  

10:28 PM

And Auburn gets the TD they gave away right back.  We'll see if Garcia can recover here.

10:22 PM

Just a reminder, South Carolina came in as the best rush defense in the SEC and the worst pass defense.  Two thoughts, I'm scared of Cam Newton's rushing ability, Auburn's passing game is a little out of whack.

Auburn just gave away 7 points with an illegal motion, they donked a short field goal and Garcia just gave it right back.  Wow.

10:15 PM

Auburn Can really make your linebacker's look bad.  RIght now this game is looking like who ever can cause a turnover or has the ball last is going to win.  

10:12 PM

Who is this Garcia guy and what did he do to South Carolina's QB?  Seriously, if Garcia can continue to play at this level for the rest of the year, its going to be really hard to beat South Carolina.  He's made big throws down the field, he's been smart with the ball, he's ran smart, he hasn't turned the ball over, he's been accurate on intermediate throws and he's cashed in TDs when in the redzone.  Garcia is the piece that if he plays like tonight, there is a chance that South Carolina could make major noise nationally.  Obviously they need to get by an Auburn team that looks hard to stop on offense right now, unless they turn the ball over.  

Weird challenge by Spurrier there.

10:00 PM

And Garcia marches South Carolina down the field to take the lead right back in 3 plays, the big one to Alshon Jeffery for 60 yds and then the capping TD to Tori Gurley.  May take 10 minutes and write a longer entry on the way Garcia is playing this game.

9:54 PM

Auburn's whole offense finally comes alive.  We got a dog fight here.  Auburn used their hurry up pacing offense to really wind South Carolina.

9:50 PM

Auburn's offense finally looking to be in a rhythm.  Though still nothing even remotely downfield in the passing game

9:40 PM

Field goal attempt wide right.  Auburn has to successfully pass the ball down the field to win this game.  Auburn has some of the best wide receivers in the country and they're basically nonexistent in this game.  We'll see if Auburn makes any adjustments on defense here to stop South Carolina's passing attack.

9:36 PM

Gene Chizik to Cam Newton "you're my hoss and we're just going to ride you until the legs fall off."

9:30 PM

Halftime stats:

USC Auburn
First Downs 13 11
Total Plays 36 30
Total Yards 202 220
158 73
44 147
1 3
18:25 11:35
Turnovers 0 2

Quite frankly Auburn is lucky to be only 6 points down.  It's basically been the Cam Newton show for Auburn, while USC has had a relatively balanced attack, distributing the ball to a number of players.  Garcia has looked good.  I'd definitely say both QBs are the story, not Lattimore and Dyer, like many thought.  I'll look for USC to adjust to Newton and for Auburn to key on the pass a little more in the second half.  

9:12 PM

Halftime boys and girls.  Great game.  South Carolina has looked better, but Auburn and Cam Newton could definitely steal one, as he's just stealing 1st downs with his running.  I'll have a stats summary in a bit and some more analysis.  

Another quote from the girlfriend "How is it fair that Boise St. gets to have the same color uniforms as their field?  That is a legitimate point, it is an unfair advantage."  

9:08 PM

No matter how much Auburn doesn't want this to be Cam Newton just running all over the place, I think that's what it has to be for Auburn to win this game.  I don't think Auburn can conventionally beat USC's defense.  

9:02 PM

Right now Auburn's offense looks like "hey Cam, run around and do some random stuff, hope it works out, don't get hurt"

8:57 PM

The girlfriend just asked "how do you have a freshman who is a foot shorter covering Alshon Jeffery?"  I'm not really sure.

8:56 PM

Wow, Garcia looks really good.  Though Auburn has shown more than enough resilience against teams from South Carolina.  I'm also surprised at how loud this stadium is still.  Blundered XP.

8:47 PM

I kinda get the feeling Maddox wants more playing time, I've never seen him run this hard.  That was also the highest hurdle I've seen in a football game.  The Auburn player wasn't even really going low.

8:44 PM 

That's a clear fumble.  I figured both teams for a few turnovers, but I didn't really expect fumbles unless they came from the QB.  

8:41 PM

The 3-d Cameras kinda remind me of johnny 5, was that movie called Short Circuit?

8:37 PM

Big time sack by Auburn right there to stop the bleeding.  Auburn needs this stop.

8:34 PM

Auburn is kinda looking like they did in the first half of the Clemson game right now.  Ace Sanders looks like the best pure athlete on the field.  That was Reggie Bush-esque in stealing a first down.

8:29 PM

Man, did S Carolina draw a rough West rotation or what?  Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas

8:25 PM

After 1 quarter, both offenses have looked much better than I anticipated.  

8:19 PM

That drive looked easy.  After looking shaky on the first drive, Garcia has looked calm and efficient thus far.  If Garcia is hot, I think South Carolina is really hard to stop.  Like possibly the best team in the SEC hard to stop.

8:15 PM

Wow, when do corners tackle like that?!  Big time turnover there.  Wow.  (Munson voice) My God a corner!

8:09 PM

Or maybe this won't be a defensive struggle.  Garcia looked good distributing the ball to a number of different options and marched straight down the field to answer.  Big time drive to answer right there.

8:05 PM

South Carolina's defense must, at all times, have someone spying Cam Newton.

8:02 PM

And just as I write that, Cam Newton rambles for the score, extra point good.  54 yards on the run.

7:59 PM

Cam Newton just kills you with those scrambles when he'd be otherwise sacked.

7:54 PM

Man, the defenses could really dominate in this game.  Garcia and the OL look shaky right now.  

7:52 PM

Making a first down on 3rd and long with a draw is such a deflator for a defense.

7:48 PM

Two thoughts, RIP Kenny, and it kind of annoys me that almost every team uses Sandstorm prior to kickoff.  Auburn Deferred.

7:45 PM

And we're finally to the game coverage now.  As much as I loved Lou as a coach, I can only take his lisp so long when he's holding up a game I'm excited about.  Love ya Lou.

7:34 PM

While we're waiting, Miss St. is up by 7 right now on UGA.  As bad as UGA looks, it would be nice to have them lose this game and give South Carolina one fewer team to worry about in the standings.  UGA just fumbled in the endzone.

7:25 PM 

For all the super talented skill position players both of these teams have, I think this definitely comes down to the trenches.  

7:13 PM

We're about 30 minutes out, so let's get this thing going.  Both of these QBs scare me to death in a big game.  


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