Here Are Week 4's Top 25 Saturday Gams Along With Minimal Comments...

Mark ScheerhoornContributor ISeptember 25, 2010

For what it's worth here are my Top Teen picks. 

Bama over Arkansas.  I saw the Arkansas/Georgia game last week and while the Arkansas QB is pretty good I think his hype is > than his bite.  The Hogs needed luck to hold off the Dawgs and just barely did it.  I saw the 'Bama/Penn St game and 'Bama is definitely #1 at this point in the season but Nebraska is gaining.

Ohio St over Eastern Michigan.  Let's get the nonsense over and get the Big Ten schedule begin.

Boise St over Oregon St BUT I wouldn't rule out an upset entirely.  Oregan St has played what is probably the toughest road schedule in the country so far.

Oregon vs Arizona St.  Hmmm, Oregon has been up points like nobody else BUT they really haven't played anybody yet.  AZ St is a good program.  Lets see if they can stop the Oregon juggernaut.  Oregon over AZ St but look for a much lower score for the Ducks.

Nebrask over South Dakaota St.  Put it this way, for Nebraska to lose this one, the whole offensive and defensive lines would have to die.

Texas vs UCLA at Texas.  Interesting game.  Texas has not exactly wowed me due to all the new starters.  But UCLA has wowed me less.  I'll go with Texas but I'd have to say there's at least a remote possibility of an upset.

Oklahoma vs Cinncinatti.  Put it this way; The Big East is stuggling this year.  The Bearcats are 1 - 2.  Oklahoma all the way.

Florida vs Kentucky.  Hmm, both teams are 3 - 0 but the game is in the swamp so I'll go with Florida.

Wisconsin vs Austin Peay.  No fortune telling here.  Wisconsin is up 28 - 3.

Saturday, 9/25

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