Nebraska Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

BG BrewContributor ISeptember 25, 2010

Taylor Martinez
Taylor Martinez

The Big Ten expansion is such an interesting topic.  I jumped through the roof when they picked up Joe Pa and his boys from Happy Valley. Then...silence.  I have patiently waited for at least one more team, preferably three to give us a nice balanced 14 team conference and a new conference championship. I would've been willing to bet a lunch that Notre Dame would be the next team to join us but they still hold out for independence. It's kind of disappointing because they fit my criteria for the teams that I would like to join the conference. Traditional powers that recruit nationally as much as regionally, great academic programs that draw talented student athletes and a team that will immediately ignite new rivalries.

To my surprise we were able to bring in Nebraska.  Excitement doesn't say enough for me because we actually got at least one team that fit my criteria. What’s funny about this is that I took every opportunity last year to watch a player believed to be the best defensive lineman in the past 20 to 30 years at the NCAA level. Trying to watch Ndamukong Suh as much as possible exposed me to a pretty talented Cornhusker squad. Now, this season they look like the old Huskers of the Tommy Frazier days, 4th in the nation in rushing, 5th in scoring and ranked 6th in the AP Poll.

Taylor Martinez, the 6' 1" freshman from Corona CA is doing his best to make the Heisman race more interesting by bringing his duel threat skills to the Pryor-Robinson discussion very early in the season. He's a very exciting young talent that is fun to watch. But trust me; it'll be much more fun when he's attempting to do his damage in a place like Columbus. I'm thrilled that we were able to get the Huskers and I advise all Big Ten fans to take them in, watch them when you can, follow the stats and build up your anxiety.

Welcome Nebraska and Husker-Nation! With your history of All-Americans, Heisman and Outland Trophy winners, you fit right in. I am glad to have your rich tradition, supreme talent and competitive spirit in what I like to call "The conference that creates Sunday’s players". That is what we do in the rough and tumble Big Ten and Nebraska has done the same for years. Thanks for adding to our incomparable heritage.