Jayhawk Preview: What the Kansas Jayhawks Need To Do To Defeat New Mexico State

Ben GartlandAnalyst IISeptember 24, 2010

Daymond Patterson and the rest of the Offense needs to be aggressive.
Daymond Patterson and the rest of the Offense needs to be aggressive.

at 1-2 is not the best start for Turner Gil's Jayhawks in the 2010 season. More importantly it isn't a good start for first year coach Turner Gil.

The crimson and blue faithful knew this was going to be a long season with a rebuilding team and new coaching staff, but, even while rebuilding, we should be 2-1 if not 3-0 right now.

Normally the Jayhawks wouldn't be worried about facing an inferior New Mexico State, but this year it's a must win in order to keep themselves from falling into a depressing 1-3 hole. Going into a tough Big 12 schedule the Jayhawks need some momentum to maybe pull out a couple wins in the conference schedule.

With that prospect, it makes this game against New Mexico State much more important and interesting.

Based on the first three games, here is what the Jayhawks need to do to put away the Aggies tomorrow evening. 

3. Kansas needs to score first, and early. 

Nothing puts a damper on the mood than letting the opposing team score first. It sometimes will carry that bad mood and momentum throughout the rest of the game.

In all three of the Jayhawk's games the opponents have scored first, which further proves this key to the game based on KU's record.

Once North Dakota State scored first, the energy went out of the Jayhawks and the Jayhakws ended up falling into a hole in which they could not escape.

The Georgia Tech game was the exception to this rule, but it made taking the lead that much harder. Southern Miss came out, scored early and first, and put the Jayhawks away in the second half. A touchdown on KU's first possession would put some momentum on the crimson and blue side, and will hopefully dig New Mexico State into an inescapable hole.

2. Kansas must not allow more than 10 points. 

New Mexico State has averaged 312 yards and 15 points a game so far.

This young Kansas defense has the ability to hold the Aggies to less than their averages, and linebacker Justin Springer should have at least three sacks. The Jayhawk's defense has not been the best this year, but they have given a good team a run for their money, so they can most certainly do it.

A great way for Kansas to be recognized as more than just a pansy team is to dominate defensively like they have in years past, and not being a pansy team is a great thing in the Big 12.

1. Kansas can not have conservative play calling.

Every time I see a failed screen pass it makes me want to punch whoever called that play in the face.

Kansas has good talent in the receiving corps with the likes of Daymond Patterson, who has been known to shake and bake his way into the end zone.

Gil needs to realize that eight screen passes, followed by four up the middle runs will not work now that he is working in the Big 12.

Why not call a flee-flicker pass and see what happens? For the Jayhawks to win this game, Gil needs to really be aggressive with his play calling.

Kansas has a more talented team than most people realize. What they lack is the fiery passion and attitude you need on a football team.

Like I said last week, it's up to Gil to get these boys motivated to play their hearts out, and to head into conference play with some momentum, and a .500 record.