Oregon State-Boise State: 10 Signs We'd Like to See on ESPN's College Gameday

Todd Boldizsar@@toddboldizsarAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2010

Oregon State-Boise State: 10 Signs We'd Like to See on ESPN's College Gameday

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    The topics for eye-catching signs in the background behind ESPN's analysts are endless. The Oregon State Beavers face a must-win game on Saturday in regards to the national spotlight, and the Broncos will be putting a 56-game home winning streak on the line against a legitimate threat.

    Different teams approach different gameday situations in different ways, and Oregon State certainly is approaching this Saturday with a unique angle.

    Painting their practice field blue is just one of the many oddball preparation methods deployed by Mike Riley and his team. 

    NOTE: This is an interactive blog article. Have some fun and see what other fans choose!

    Fans: Post a comment to this article in numbered order from 10 to 1, and post your choice next to each number to correspond with each slide. Pick either the pictured sign or the sign idea, which is the title of the slide. 


    10. picture

    9. slide title

    8. slide title


    Ok, let's give it a shot!

10. It's About Dam Time To Buck The Broncos

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    Check out this pic of a past background sign. Which one is better?

9. We Painted Our Practice Field Blue, Now It's Time To Paint Their Town Red

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    Too much? Thought so, but vote anyway...

8. Today Beavers Eat Bronco Dust, Not Wood

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    This photo is a duel threat, so be specific in your voting.

7. Wait 'Til The Broncos Get a Taste of This Beaver

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    And it's a shame he doesn't. Playing for the Rams will make him want to be nice because he has a lot of wishes.

6. If The Blue Man Crew Shows Up I'm Gonna Lose It

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    Ok....This one may be a draw...

5. Broncos Drown While Beavers Swim on The Blue Lake

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    Gauge the headline against the sign in the top right.

4. Did I Hear Free Potatoes?

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    Yes, you really can YouTube it.

3. So...What Else Is There to Do Around Here Besides Football?

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2. Poor Confused Birds....

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    Sign is top left, it's brighter than the rest.

1. Not Yet Beavers, 56 Wins Is 13 Less Than My Favorite Number

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    Don't know who Rodriguez is...little help?