West Virginia Football: Friendly Answers To LSU and an LSU Senior Writer

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIISeptember 24, 2010

Patrick Peterson, 2010 LSU Cyborg Cornerback
Patrick Peterson, 2010 LSU Cyborg CornerbackKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So, Justin Goar, you have a "want." 

Actually, three of them, along with corresponding "do not wants."

I, a b/r featured columnist for West Virginia football, will go over with you—a b/r senior writer, and a really good writer—how you can get those wants while avoiding the others.

Suggesting we do this as gentlemen, I invite your comments.


We'll have to kick to you, Patrick Peterson.  You play football like you're on roller blades.

Patrick Peterson is unavoidable.  He can cover WVU's Jock Sanders like a garage band and Aerosmith.  Tavon Austin, Steadman Bailey (not a law firm) will not be able to get away.  I'm having bad dreams about him and I just spend my days as an engineer who designs visual observation systems, which we all know of as windows.

Mr. Peterson had a fine 2009.  According to Lindy's, Patrick held 'Bama's Julio Jones to three receptions.  That's less than one per quarter.  Patrick also limited Georgia's incredible wideout AJ Green to four catches.  You do the arithmetic.

I don't want to talk about punts, especially 89 yarders against the Heels.




So you can't go big?  Go ahead and throw the short ball.

A three-step Jordan Jefferson passing game?  No.  That at least means you won't have to peel Julian Miller or Bruce Irvin off your jersey.  But, the Mountaineers (not the 'Neers and especially not that damnable 'eers) (I really hate 'eers) have inside linebacker Pat Lazear back with safety Robert Sands.


There go your slants and baby posts.

The corners and the flats are in better shape with (my prediction) Brandon Hogan on the field right near outside linebacker JT Thomas.

Makes the quick outs and the bubble screens more challenging.

About going vertical...you didn't hear it from me but they're doubling up on Terrance Toliver for a reason.  Russell Shepard?  Put him in Mr. Peterson's "I don't want to talk about him either" slot.


Takeaways, or what we in West Virginia call "Turnovers"


In the 2009 season, Louisiana State netted a +4 in the takeaway statistical category.  West Virginia had a -2 in turnovers.  See, it sounds silly to have a -2 takeaways.  That is an abuse of the concept of "euphemism."


Let's look at 2010.  LSU had five interceptions against Mississippi State last week.  Mr. Peterson grabbed two of them.

During West Virginia's recent game with Marshall (Marshall is to WVU as Louisiana-Monroe is to LSU) Mountaineer footballs hit the deck too many times. 

The proximity of the fumbles was generally deep in West Virginia territory.  In one play, WVU fumbled the ball twice, both within yards of the Marshall end zone, and both recovered by Mountaineers.


The point is, if there is such thing as bad karma, then West Virginia used up its good karma against Marshall.

Doesn't bode well for WVU in Death Valley.



LSU does not want West Virginia to go out to a big early lead.

WVU can rack up the points quickly.  It's getting even faster.  Quarterback Geno Smith approaches the line sometimes before 22 seconds on the play clock.

And, that's just calling the signals.


The ball is snapped around 12 seconds.

Running back Noel Devine can get through a sliver of a hole instantly and yank in twenty yards in two seconds.  No exaggeration. 

Bubble screens for West Virginia move like they're being shot out of a leaf blower.

There are Mountaineer receivers who move about as fast as Mr. Peterson.  They also have hands.

I do not recall Geno Smith throwing a duck.  His four touchdowns were beautiful spirals, passes that get there in a hurry and passes that are soft as an angel's hands.


All of this adds up to an offense that can score, and pronto.



You got it, LSU.  You need Death Valley in on this victory.  West Virginia is a threat to get hot.  They soak the noise from boisterous fans.  You have to stop them before they do.


LSU cannot lose possession on third down.

Three words Jordan Jefferson wants to avoid: Five-step drop.


If he cannot avoid the dreaded five-step drop, here are two more words he will learn: Bruce Irvin.

Okay, two more: Julian Miller.

They are the pass rushers who are experts at coming off the edge.  Well, "experts" make Miller and Irvin sound as if they're consultants from out-of-town.  Call them sack artists.

The defensive tackles also get involved in the sack game.  Mountaineer defenders recorded eight sacks on two Maryland quarterbacks, one of whom, Jamarr Robinson, plays a Jordan Jefferson game.

LSU, do these two things: a) keep the Death Valley crowd very vocal, and b) convert third downs.

A sincere good luck to you and your Louisiana State Tigers.


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