NCAA Folly: Bowls for Football Teams With Losing Records Awards Medicority

Mike KlineAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2010

More Bowls will keep the BCS and the current system of determing a National Champion alive and well.
More Bowls will keep the BCS and the current system of determing a National Champion alive and well.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The NCAA is floating the idea of increasing the number of bowl games essentially improving the chances of teams who have losing records becoming bowl eligible. 

As a fan of a program like Duke, it would be a wonderful accomplishment to see a team that has been as low as the Blue Devils get to a bowl.

But to award a team that isn't even good enough to finish .500 or better is one of the stupidest ideas ever. Not only is it stupid it essentially puts a nail in the coffin of a playoff system in major college football.

Chances are many coaches like Duke's David Cutcliffe would bristle at the idea of putting out a sub .500 product and then accepting a bowl. Regardless of the money involved, who wants to play in the bowl or whatever sponsor wants to fork out millions to sponsor a game few would care about.

The thought of adding more bowls to allow for more teams brings back memories of the 1980s sitcom "Coach" staring Craig T. Nelson as the head coach of the fictional Minnesota State University football team.

They once played in the Valley Forge Bowl in sub freezing temperatures. That is exactly where we are headed, and no team wants that regardless of the money.

Or do they?

As sure as the day is long there will be some program desperate for money, attention, and the gift bags to agree to accept bids to such a bowl.

There are already 35 bowls slated in 2010, and a majority of them will feature teams with eight wins or less.

The whole purpose of bowls is to award a successful season and not many coaches you would hope think that a 5-7 record is a successful season.

In the end, the money will probably win over all and if it is done kiss the already slim chances of a playoff good bye.

Why you may ask?

Because if more teams are getting money by playing in bowls there will be fewer schools pushing for a playoff. The school that can at least get to one of the mediocre bowls on a yearly basis stands to make several thousands of dollars at least.

They are not going to want to give that up just to see the best eight teams play in a playoff why they sit home watching and making no money.

So go ahead NCAA create more bowls and award mediocrity. As the Cranberries once sang, "Everyone else is doing it so why can't we?"