Iowa Hawkeye Football: RB/WR/TE Film Review: Arizona Wildcats

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

Hampton running for a big gain against the Arizona defense.
Hampton running for a big gain against the Arizona defense.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A game of highs and lows for this unit this week. When they were good, they were great, and when they were bad, they were downright awful .Iowa got taken out of their game plan early as Arizona took advantage of special teams mishaps. This unit helped them get back in the game, but weren't quite able to finish the comeback.

Jewel Hampton was playing a very solid game until he was knocked out with the knee injury. As it turned out this was another ACL tear but on the other knee this time. It's a damn shame the luck this guy has had. He looked to be something very special with solid size and showing the burst and power NFL teams covet. He will be sorely missed this season and coming back from 2 ACL's is a long road, though Frank Gore managed to do it and is now an NFL star.

Robinson had a very rough game both running the ball and in pass protection. At times he looked lost in blitz pickup and over matched at others. He only had 1 run that went for any kind of yardage and had a bunch of slip-ups in pass protection. He's more of a patient type runner and the way Arizona was playing the run that wasn't gonna cut it. They ate him up with backside pursuit and slid off of blocks and took him to the turf for losses or no gain on 6/10 of his carries. Not all of that is on him as the Offensive line struggled greatly in this contest as well, but you can't have a back losing yards that often.

Reisner and Herman saw very few targets in this game with Reisner ending up with 2 catches for 27 yards and Herman with no catches.  Reisner was asked to pass block far more often in this one and he struggled quite a bit with it. It looked like at times he was confused as to his responsibility on the play, and he got split on outside double teams a couple of times. Herman did pretty well for himself blocking wise in this one, but saw far fewer snaps than normal because Iowa had to use so many 3+ WR sets.

DJK and McNutt both had roller coaster rides out there in this one with each costing the team 7 points with a drop and each of them making big plays down the field for TDs. Both also drew pass interference flags during this contest and it was clear they were overmatching the Arizona corners when they were left on an island.  Both saw quite a few targets in this one as Iowa was playing catchup from the get-go.


+1 Good work attacking the seam here as he breaks a few arm tackles as he bursts up the field. D3 Play 3
-1 Misses his chance to pop this play outside as the seam is there and he just doesn't attack and gets caught by pursuit. D5 Play 1
-1 Very poor job reading the flow by Robinson here. The cutback was there as the whole front 7 slanted. Needs to see that faster and make them pay for it. D7 Play 5
+1 Nice job stepping up and taking on the DT on the blitz here. Good job standing in there. D10 Play 5
-1 Robinson Poor recognition on dual A gap blitz. He steps to the outside here and lets a LB come free. D11 Play 2
-1 Robinson Goes to the wrong side again here as he should have gone left here as Iowa had two blockers on the right DE here.  D11 Play 3
-1 Robinson failed to pickup the hot DE here and just gets run over. D12 Play 3

Overall: -3

+1 Great run here as he just busts tackles and explodes for a big gain. D2 Play 5
+1 popped his guy in blitz pickup here. De-cleated the blitzing LB. Big time hit. D4 Play 8
+1 Nice route and good hands to come up with the huge TD catch. D4 Play 9

Overall: +3

-1 Misses his lead block here on the LB in the hole and he stops Hampton in the hole. D2 Play 2
+1 Good work here on his lead block as he puts a good hit on his man. D3 Play 2
+1 Nice blitz pickup on the A gap blitz by the LB. D9 Play 2

Overall: +1

+1 Great job on the bootleg here as he gets in space off the PA and makes a big play. D2 Play 1
-1 Beaten badly as he tries to reach block the DE here and he makes the hit in the seam. D2 Play 2
-1 Let the DE fly underneath him here and go untouched at Stanzi on what looks like a blown pass protection scheme. D3 Play 4
-1 Iowa keeps him in to pass block and he fails to hold the edge here. D11 Play 3

Overall: -2

+1 Nice job 1 on 1 with the DE here in pass protection. D4 Play 8
+1 Herman just flat out owns his man here as he locks him up and drives him off the screen and way out of the play. D5 Play 1

Overall: +2

-1 Unable to control his man here on the run block and he makes the play on Robinson in the seam. D1 Play 2
+1 Great job getting the first down here as he breaks a tackle on the stop route. D2 Play 4
+1 Nice catch on the comeback route there as he beat his corner there. D3 Play 1
+1 Great route here on the skinny post as he toasts Wade to get the ball inside the 5. D4 Play 6
-1 DJK beats his man over the top and drops 6 here. Doesn't adjust his body well enough on this throw and goes over his outside shoulder and he gator arms it. D6 Play 2
+1 Nice work on the post to get over the top here and he goes for the score. Well run route here. D9 Play 3

Overall: +2

-1 Cannot have the ball go through your hands like this. It was a bit high but he got both hands on it and it just went through. He was wide open on the slant and had time to pull it in and get up field. Very costly drop that ends up a pick 6. D2 Play 6
+1 Just an amazing catch here. Grabs this ball as he goes up and rips it away from Wade. D4 Play 3
+1 Well run comeback route here on the simple roll-out, good separation. D4 Play 5
-1 Another high pass that goes through his hands. He got both hands on it again and needs to come down with that ball. D5 Play 2
+2 Great hands by McNutt in the end zone. Great job tapping the foot for the TD. This was big time play for his team when they needed him D11 Play 4

Overall: +2

+1 Nice YAC here to jump start the drive on the catch over the middle. D7 Play 1

Overall: +1

+1 Nice work here on the stop route as he picks up extra yards as he turned up the field after making the catch on the stop route. D6 Play 1

Overall: +1