College Football: Five Reasons Why Oregon Should Be Number One in the Polls

Dave WalkerCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

College Football: 5 Reasons Why Oregon Should Be Number One In The Polls

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    The Oregon Ducks have been one of this year's hottest college football teams with dominating wins of 72-0, 48-13, and 69-0. They simply have been making teams look like JV squads.

    They are currently ranked #5 and #6 in both polls, but why aren't they #1?

    Here are five reasons why they should be the number one team in the nation, with all of their massive stats being left out of the equation.

Biggest Killer Instinct

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    These guys kinda remind me of the way old college football used to be. When you are a top team you sometimes have the problem of letting up on a team or looking past them.

    Oregon has so far reminded me of the old Nebraska teams that would waltz into a place like Ames or Columbia and just lay the wood 70-7 or worse.

    When you look for a team that is the best in the nation you have to look for this. As long as the Ducks continue to just beat up on teams they should, watch for them to roll through the Pac 10 and earn a top spot in at least one poll by season's end.

Chip Kelly Is The Best Coach

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    If you are going to be number 1 you have to have a number one caliber coach. Chip Kelly is exactly that.

    If you look back to the way last year began with the whole Boise punching incident, to say that they would go to the Rose Bowl would be a major gamble at that.

    Kelly rallied the troops from that point and did as fine a job at coaching his team as I remember in recent years.

    Kelly has once again rallied the troops who were coming off a Rose Bowl loss a season ago. He has installed the killer instinct and he and his staff have done a fine job at putting game plans together so far in 2010.

Best Balance

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    So when you look for a number one team you look for a very balanced squad. Oregon has exactly that.

    Bama won the title last year with a solid defense, a strong running game, and a QB who managed the game. So far Oregon has resembled just that.

    Darron Thomas and Nate Costa have done a nice job of keeping the mistakes to a minimum, while LaMichael James has been a steady horse on the ground.

    Defensively we have read all the stats categories that they lead in, so I won't even start here. They are simply the best D in the Pac 10, and maybe one of the best in the entire nation.

    On a neutral field I would take the Ducks over TCU, Boise, OSU, and even Bama....

Best Uniforms

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    When they get to #1, they will simply be the most stylish #1 ever.

    With their plethora of uniforms to match any occasion, the Ducks simply have better uniforms than the guys with just silver helmets, or the kids from the south in Crimson.

    Whether it's the green, the neon yellow, or any other combo of greens and yellows, the Ducks are #1 in the uni category.

Secret Weapons

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    The rumors coming out of the Pacific Northwest is that the Ducks have a secret weapon, or weapons.

    Truth is, no one knows for sure, but the rumors coming out of Eugene is that these girls pictured above are occupying opposing offense's attentions.

    They may not be taking the field at linebacker or safety, but just the fact that Chip Kelly lets them on the sideline is a credit to him and as George Bush would say, "strategery" his staff has.

Ducks #1

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    So when will the Ducks be #1?

    Boise and TCU will remain unbeaten for a while, but look for OSU and Bama to drop road conference games in the next few weeks.

    Look for the Ducks to be the top team in the land after they jump both TCU and Boise sometime in mid-October.