Oregon State Beavers Paint Field Blue To Prepare For Boise State Broncos

T.Contributor ISeptember 22, 2010

(Hank Hager/OSU Sports Information)
(Hank Hager/OSU Sports Information)

How do you prepare to play on the "Smurf Turf," Boise State's strangely colored football field?

Well, you paint your own practice field blue, and that is exactly what the Oregon State Beavers did in order to gain some experience playing football on blue turf.

Though I could be wrong, I have never before heard of a college football team mimicking Boise State's field by painting their own practice field blue.

Not only are the Beavers spending the week practicing on their own blue field, but the scout team is also wearing blue jerseys in order to simulate the Broncos defenders blending into the field.

This shows that the Beavers coaches and players are stopping at nothing in their attempt to knock off the No. 3-ranked Broncos.

It's good to see a college football program showing some creativity in order to prepare for a road game at Boise State.

The Boise State Broncos have won 26 straight games at home.

The question a lot of college fans and experts around the country are asking themselves is whether or not this streak can be credited to the blue field.

Before any of you Broncos fans get all up in arms, there is no question in my mind that Boise State presently has one of the top college football programs in the country.

The Broncos are a good team year after year and have been such a fearsome team that teams all around the country fear playing them on the road or at home.

But it has to be a disadvantage to opposing teams that come into Boise and play football, most likely for the first time, on a non-green field.

Blue blends with blue. The Broncos wear the same color blue jerseys as their blue field.

Surely, the Boise State players are camouflaged by the field which can lead to interceptions thrown by the quarterback to areas he didn't necessarily see any players.

It will be exciting to see whether or not coach Mike Riley and the Oregon State Beaver's preparation pays of this coming Saturday.