College Football 2010: Florida, Michigan and Other 3-0 Frauds Going Into Week 4

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 23, 2010

College Football 2010: Florida, Michigan, and Other 3-0 Frauds Going Into Week 4

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    How many undefeated teams can we look at and wonder if they're really as good as their record? How many can we look at and think to ourselves, "they're not really that good, are they?"

    Going into Week 4 of the college football season, there are plenty of teams that we can point out that fit that description.

    We'll go through 10 of the undefeated teams and talk about just how big of a fraud they may be.

    I won't go long winded on the introduction, because the title says it all. So, if you're ready, let's get started.

Kentucky Wildcats

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    Louisville, Western Kentucky, and Akron.

    Not exactly three teams that put fear into any BCS conference teams. Unless, of course, you're Ole Miss than it's a different story. Ok, that was low, my bad.

    The aforementioned three games are exactly why the Kentucky Wildcats have started their season with a 3-0 record. Unfortunately, that won't last.

    Three of the next four weeks will be against Florida, Auburn, and South Carolina with Ole Miss mixed in. While Florida hasn't looked great out of the shoot, they're tough to beat at home. Auburn and South Carolina will be played in Lexington, Kentucky so at least they have that going for them.

    If they come out with better than a 2-2 record out of the next four games, I'll be shocked.

Auburn Tigers

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    If if seems like I'm picking on the SEC, I kinda am and believe me I'm not done yet.

    The Auburn Tigers are just one of six SEC teams that have started the season with wins in each of their first three games.

    After a season opening win against cupcake state...err...Arkansas State, the Tigers snuck away with three point wins in each of their next two games against Mississippi State and Clemson.

    They will face three ranked teams (South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU) over the next five weeks and each of which will be played at home with the other two games coming against Louisiana-Monroe and Kentucky. Coming out with a 2-3 record or better would help change my opinion but I don't see that happening.

North Carolina State

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    North Carolina has picked up wins in each of their first three games against Western Carolina, Central Florida, and Cincinnati.

    While they could easily go 3-1 or even 4-0 in their next four games, it's the back end of their schedule that they will need to prove themselves.

    Their last five games will come against Florida State, Clemson, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Maryland.

Texas A&M

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    The Texas A&M Aggies have had possibly the easiest road thus far with three home against Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, and Florida International. A three-game set even Virginia Tech wouldn't fear.

    While the Aggies have games against Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and Kansas coming up, it's the back end of their schedule that could be a doozy.

    Four of their last five games will come against Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, and Nebraska with the fifth one coming against Baylor.

    That undefeated streak won't last much longer.


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    While I'm picking on the Big 12, may as well add 3-0 Missouri to the list, especially after they got lucky and snuck away from San Diego State, 27-24 last weekend thanks to a last second touchdown thanks to poor tackling by the Aztecs.

    Their next two games will come against Colorado and Texas A&M but they will then run the gauntlet against the likes of Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas Tech in succession.

    They almost lost to San Diego State. I doubt very highly that College Station, Texas is going to be kind to them at all, not to mention Lincoln, Nebraska.


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    The Michigan Wolverines are off to a nice start to their season, thanks in most part to quarterback Denard Robinson. It took a late fourth quarter drive to get past Notre Dame and they let UMass hang around the entire game last weekend.

    While Bowling Green and Indiana may not challenge them, five of their next seven games will be the biggest test to just how good this team is.

    They will play Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State, all of which are ranked in the top 25 with the other two games coming against Purdue and Illinois.

    If their last game was any indication, that undefeated season could be over very shortly.


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    The Nevada Wolfpack, led by one of the most underrated quarterbacks in Colin Kaepernick, has racked up the points and even knocked off a Pac-10 foe through their first three games. The argument against them is all three have come at home.

    Five out of their next seven games will come on the road against BYU, UNLV, Hawaii, Idaho, and Fresno State with the other two coming at home against San Jose State and Utah State.

    While I'll give them the win over UNLV, BYU, Idaho, and Fresno State are not teams that are easy to beat at their home stadiums.

    Sure they pushed aside the Cal Bears like they were just another team, but those in the Pac-10 didn't think much of the Bears this season anyway.


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    The USC Trojans have spent each of the last three weeks doing just enough to come away with wins. Their luck is going to run out at some point.

    Two weeks ago, against Virginia, the Trojans barely escaped with a 17-14 win a week after giving up 36 points to Hawaii but winning that one as well, 49-36.

    Then, last week, the Trojans outlasted the Golden Gophers of Minnesota, 32-21.

    While they should beat Washington State and Washington over the next two weeks, four of the next six games will come against Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, and Oregon State, with three of those on the road.

    USC may improve to 5-0 in the next few weeks, but that ride is going to be over not long after that.


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    The Florida Gators have their own head coach worried, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

    Florida hasn't scored a single point in the first quarter this season and have scored just 14 points in the second quarter of play through three games. That has head coach Urban Meyer more than a little concerned, and for good reason.

    Sure the Gators are 3-0 and could very well be 4-0 after they host Kentucky this coming weekend, but then they get tested for real when they travel to Tuscaloosa to face Alabama before welcoming LSU the week after.

    If the offense isn't fixed by then, the Gators could be in for a long two weeks, not to mention a tough stretch through the rest of their SEC schedule.