LSU Vs West Virginia: I Have a Want

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LSU Vs West Virginia: I Have a Want
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I have a want. Coach Miles would like that about me.

I have three of them actually pertaining to this weekend’s LSU vs WVU game.

I’m the kind of writer who really enjoys the opportunity to share with you my wants for this football team as we approach the back end of this week. By the way, that’s four sips if you’re playing the Les Miles drinking game. Anyway, here they are.


1) Kick to us, I dare you.

Namely, kick to Patrick Peterson. I like the advantage LSU has on special teams and I hope they get to use it effectively. Peterson has shown that every position he touches he turns to gold, and returner is no different.

Both teams have good defenses, so winning field position, especially in the first half, may prove crucial. Peterson is the trump card in the field position game. Even if the kickers try to stay away from "Mr. #1 Defense," they may give LSU an advantage and some yards on punts out of bounds. Unless they have a deadly accurate punter, (sorry, didn’t do my opposing team punter research this week, for shame!) this is a big advantage for LSU.

However, much of this will depend on the offense’s ability to take that prime real estate and make the Mountaineers pay.

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