Washington Football: Short Memories Required to Prepare For USC

Jason HerresCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

QB Jake Locker prepares for the Nebraska defense
QB Jake Locker prepares for the Nebraska defenseOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

After a blowout like the one the Washington Huskies experienced against Nebraska, they will need the recovery time that a bye week provides.

In addition to crushing Jake Locker's Heisman chances, a game such as that also can be a setback for a program in rebuilding mode like the Huskies.  Doubts can creep into players minds about themselves, their team, and this season's potential.

In the game Saturday, the Nebraska players were bigger and faster than the Huskies.  Wide receivers couldn't get much separation on the defensive backs, running backs couldn't break tackles, and the offensive and defensive lines had their hands full with the larger Huskers.

Regardless of where the Huskies are in their rebuilding, playing a better team can lead to the results we saw.  As far as Jake Locker's statistics—remember the majority of this Nebraska team wreaked havoc on Colt McCoy's performance last year.

The start of the Nebraska game could not have been worse for the Huskies.  After Jake Locker threw into double coverage, then they followed it up by giving up a long pass.  The Huskers ran five plays and had two touchdowns in the first four minutes.

Going up against a team that good, early mistakes create a hole that it can be difficult to get out of.  Although the Dawgs controlled turnovers for most of the game, missed assignments or tackles led to over a half dozen plays by Nebraska of over 20 yards.

Last year, in Week 3, the Huskies stunned USC, and fans started to believe the program was back on track.  After this season's Week 3, folks now wonder if we're any closer than we were before Sark arrived.  There is still cause for hope in the Husky nation, and their performance against USC will tell us what kind of team we have this year.

As the Huskies have an extra week to recover from injuries, and prepare for USC, this is a chance for this staff and this team to show what they are made of.  QB Jake Locker clearly wants to drive out the memories of last week's performance.  Head coach Steve Sarkisian and defensive coordinator Nick Holt both will be driven to get more out of themselves and their players.

The bottom line is that the Huskies have the next 10 days to prove to the media and their fans that the Nebraska game was just one bad day, and not the first of many,