BIg Ten Football: Week 3 Review, Awards, and Reflections

Phil HarrisonCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2010

Is it possible that Terrelle Pryor is flying under the radar?
Is it possible that Terrelle Pryor is flying under the radar?Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Another week has come to an end, and we are a week closer to the start of conference play.  Here are some awards, reflections, and notes on the Big Ten Conference after week three.


Player of the Week
For the first time, we are going to give this award to someone other than Denard Robinson. Our award winner has been lurking under the shadows because of some out of this world performances by others, but is quietly having his most solid season to date.

This past week, the strapping lad completed 16 straight completions at one point, and accounted for almost 300 yards by himself while not even playing the entire game. Here's to you Terrelle Pryor.

Team of the Week
There you are Michigan State. Sparty has been playing nobody's which means that they have been hard to find on television.  This time, it is the Spartans who sprung out of the Trojan horse to show everyone that they can play a little football this year.

All Michigan State did was continue to battle back time and time again to finally force overtime.  Then, in a remember me moment, coach Dantonio went against his traditional school of thought and pulled a Brian Kelly on Brian Kelly.

On fourth down and a long field goal to tie forthcoming, the coaching staff pulled the string on well conceived fake field goal for a draw dropping pass for a touchdown. All either coaching staff could do was smile in disbelief.  Quietly, MSU is now 3-0 and looking for more respect.

The Year of Special Team Issues in the Big Ten
I cannot remember a year in which special teams had so many big plays this early in the year.

From Ohio State's miscues on several occasions, to the special teams debacle in the desert for Iowa, to the Michigan State fake field goal shocker, this year's special team units have been both forgettable and at the same time unforgettable.  

Something tells me that there will be more "special" moments in store as the Big Ten season ramps up.

What's Next?
Do you think that the Big Ten ever studied the MAC when looking at schools that would make sense to add to the conference?  Though we doubt it seriously, this week would be a great test run on the idea.  

If it fails then maybe we could get some big shot sponsor to pony up some cash for a Big Ten vs. MAC Challenge of sorts.  If the Big Ten hasn't played the MAC enough already this season, this week has an over the top total of seven matchups between the Big Ten and Little Ten.

I see the Big Ten upping their winning percentage against non-conference foes this coming week in my crystal ball. The one game that we can pick as the most notable is Penn State versus an underrated Temple team.  If you have anything to plan, do it this weekend.

Until next time...