Hurley's Top 25, Where Real Teams Get Real Rankings

Matthew HurleyContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

Hurley's Top 25, Where Real Teams Get Real Rankings

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    I rank teams, not records.  So, all of you Boise State fans have my permission to hate me.  If you believe TCU belongs in the top 10.........whoa, you don't really, do you?  I began ranking the top 25 teams in college Football 4 years ago for my University newspaper.  My initial Top 25 rankings come out after week two,and have consistently(3 out of the last 4 years) had a 80% success rate.   20 out of the 25 teams I place in the top 25 finished the season ranked in the Top 25, three out of the last 4 years.  Today, I bring "THE REAL TOP 25" to the  Bleacher Report.                  

#1 Alabama......Roll Tide Roll!

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    Out of the Top 5 teams, Alabama has the toughest schedule, the former Heisman running back and of course the BCS National Title belt! If anyone wants this spot they will have to punch the tide in the face.  Any takers? Didn't think so. 

#2 Ohio State

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    Miami gave Ohio State a run recently.  From the looks of the rest of the ACC, this could be a sign of weakness for the Buckeyes. Still, they have the talent, they have the schedule, they have the fans and they have the momentum.  I believe they are the number 2 team, but, only because Oregon doesn't have a tougher schedule!

#3 Oregon

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    Go ahead and start your hating!  The fact is, no one is putting on a show like Oregon.  Offensively, defensively, just getting it done all together.  They are the most exciting team to watch right now.  I am not much for giving PAC 10 teams credit, but the Ducks should run through the PAC 10.  They are as close to the #2 spot as they could be. It won't take an Ohio State loss for me to move them up, only a couple more blowouts! Watching these Duck's fly, is like watching your nephew play NCAA football on Playstation.  I like this team, I don't know how they ended up so dadgum good!

#4 Oklahoma

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    This team could be the number 2 or 3 team as well.  The team that started slow, and slowed down again last week, proved how good they can be against the Seminoles.  The consistency is key. Right now, it depends on which OU team shows up. This team finds a way to win and has the play makers to beat anyone in the country.  If they make it through the first six weeks undefeated things could get interesting atop the BCS this year.  Take your shots now, you wont be able to later! I see this team no lower then #4 in the country by the end of the year. I don't care how many losses they may have by then.  Teams grow, this one will be a perfect example of that.

#5 Nebraska

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    I'm a little skeptical, but I just can't find the evidence to back them up in the polls.  Something is telling me they won't survive here, however their performance thus far and their schedule places them at #5.  They are the last team that I can see competing with the rest of the Top 5.  From this point on I believe we are looking at a huge gap that needs to be filled.

#6 Texas

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    Texas comes in at #10 in the country........wait, number 6?  Yeah, college football is pretty weak outside of the top 5 this year.  Teams will continue to get better, but as of right now Texas is WAY back at #6.  I do not like their ability to recruit the most sensitive looking Quarterbacks in college football. What's eating GILBERT grape anyway?

#7 LSU

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    LSU almost jumps Texas, for the #6 spot, if it wasn't for a tight match-up with a handicapped UNC squad that hasn't been winning ballgames since.  Uncertainty, places LSU on the Longhorn's bumper at #7.

#8 Penn State

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     Joe Pa finds himself in the top 10.  They still have to earn this spot, but no one is closer to #10.

#9 Miami

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    Was it just me? Did anyone else notice Miami could have walked the dog on Ohio State had  Harris not thrown 17 interception's?  Not to take anything away from the Ohio State defense. The Buckeyes played in a position to take advantage of mistakes. Someone needs to rough Harris up a little, and let him know, "If you get your game together we can compete with anyone in the country".  The so called Heisman hopeful "screwed the pooch" in that game.

#10 Florida

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    I know everyone believes Florida should be ranked higher, but Brantley just doesn't have it, yet.  I don't even see any potential at this point.  The SEC is too good of a conference for him to have the time he needs to get it together.  They will lose to Alabama obviously but the real test will be LSU on October 9th in the swamp.  The gators could drop four games this year.  Look for Florida State to end the Gator's streak against the Noles in Tallahassee. 

#11 South Carolina

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    They may lose some games in the SEC, but when Marcus Lattimore is rushing for over 150 yds they will be hard to beat.  They are def. the 'tornado team' in the SEC this year, will they touch down in your town? The question is, can they continue to get better or will they peak in the next couple of weeks?

#12 Arkanas

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    The Razorbacks are good, really good.  They will upset some teams this year in the SEC.  The conference is just too darn good.  Even with some losses in the SEC Arkansas will only get better and I believe they will be able to beat all but the top 11 teams in the country come bowl season. Oh, did I mention Ryan Mallett has thrown for over 1000 yds in 3 games?  Heisman anyone?

#13 Michigan

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    Michigan is 10th in the nation in offense through 3 games.  I only see that getting better.  They shouldn't be tested before October 9th when they meet the Spartans.  With that being said, defense has to improve.  96th in the nation won't help????

#14 Auburn

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    This team appears to play one step above the competition(or score 21 points in 1 quarter).  I do not see Auburn staying #14.  They will lose back to back games against Arkansas and LSU on the 16th and 23rd unless they learn to throw the ball better.  QB rating is off the charts in the wrong direction.

#15 West Virginia

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    A loss to LSU this week, and then they could win the rest of the games this year.  Defense looks good, holding opponents to an avg of 62 ypg.  But let's be honest, who's offense is really that good in the Big East anyway?  Let's hope this WVU team doesn't get matched up against a sorry un-ranked team in a bowl game again this year.  That would just be a disappointment right?  Oh wait, the Seminoles spanked the Big East's best in the Gator Bowl.  One point for the ACC in the ACC vs Big East competition that seems to be floating around this year.

#16 Florida State

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    Isn't that nice? The Seminoles sitting behind West Virginia ready to sneak up on them again like they did in the Gator Bowl last January. Yes, the Noles got punched in the face by OU.  It appears they lost all of their fans after that beating in Norman(60,000 fans for a home game against BYU?). But that was exactly what they needed.  The defense will improve and they will meet Miami in the ACC championship and upset Florida in Tallahassee. This could be a 10 win season for the Noles.  Jimbo Fisher sure hopes so anyway.

#17 Arizona

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    Arizona has been a complete surprise.  I dont have a lot of respect for PAC 10 teams as I said before.  Don't get me wrong, they are no match for Oregon.  The main reason I dislike PAC 10 teams is they lack defense.  However, this Arizona team is ranked 3rd in the nation in defense.  That in itself is enough to beat the once all mighty Trojan's and the rest of the PAC 10(excluding Oregon).  I don't think they will, but they should.

#18 Wisconsin

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    You can't beat Arizona State by 1 point and expect to be ranked number 11 in the country. Especially when you have to play teams like Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State.  Wisconsin is in trouble!  Look for one helluva game on October 2nd at Michigan State.

#19 Iowa

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    Well let's see.  They already have one loss and their schedule is absolutely brutal.  I can't see them staying ranked for long.  Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Ohio State.  Pshhh.  Good luck Iowa, good luck!

#20 USC

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    Reggie Bush's house!!

    They may win some games this year, but they are just not that good.  Way too much going on in Southern California right now.  USC is on the decline.  Good, cheating bastards! Where is Marc Tyler's house? Let's be fair!

#21 TCU

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    Oh, how this hurts me so!  A team from the Mountain West has made my Top 25.  What can I say, they have a decent team and they barely beat Oregon State.  They are still one of the most overrated teams in any sport any where in the world.  #4, really, give me a break. They couldn't beat the bottom half of the ACC(minus duke). You will take your #21 spot and be happy with it. 


    P. S.  WAC fans don't get excited, your teams will never make my top 25. I'm still waiting for your commissioner to add the letter 'K' to the end of WAC.

#22 Michigan State

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    Michigan State is getting better every week.  Unfortunately, they will drop in the rankings due to a complicated schedule.  Game to watch: Wisconsin on October 2nd. 

#23 Clemson

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    Dabo the disappointment!  They have athletes.  They will lose the next game against Miami.  They will be a hard team to beat by the end of the year. It seems like it takes this team too long to get rolling. They hold the #23 spot simply because that is where I believe they will be by the end of the season.  Dabo should go!

#24 Kansas State

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    They have the potential to upset some teams and they have played well.  They are 3-0, and most importantly they have Daniel Thomas. Kansas State has a tough schedule ahead, but they should get some wins/upsets.

#25 Oklahoma State

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    Currently the number 2 offense in the nation. This will not continue all year.  They will win some big games in the BIG 12, but the defense looks rough considering the competition up to this point!

Did I Leave Out Boise State?

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    Utah and Boise State, I am sorry but you are not Top 25 teams.  Boise State and Utah's competition is listed below.  I can't give credit where credit is not due. Maybe these teams wish they were in a  better conference and played better teams, but they don't.  If they want to be ranked among the best, they have to play the best in my book.  They are some of the most overrated teams in the world.  They will not play in a national championship game this year or any year until they play football in a real conference.


     Virginia Tech


     Oregon State

     New Mexico State


     San Jose State

     Louisiana Tech



     Fresno State


     Utah State

    vs. Pittsburgh

    vs. UNLV

    at New Mexico

    vs. San Jose State

    at Iowa State

    at Wyoming

    vs. Colorado State

    at Air Force

    vs. TCU

    at Notre Dame

    at San Diego State

    vs. BYU

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