College Football Rankings: The Jimmy Poll Week 2

Jim FolsomContributorSeptember 19, 2010

College Football Rankings: The Jimmy Poll Week 2

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    Week 2 of the only poll you need is out. Again a bit bleary eyed from staying up to watch Iowa and Arizona. I do it all for you the fans so you can get on with your lives. It's a dirty job.

    Iowa is the only team from last week to lose. Losing by a touchdown on the road at Arizona is not an embarrassing loss.

    All in all my rankings last week were pretty solid.

No. 1 Alabama

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    The Tide just keep rolling.

    Mark Ingram made his 2010 debut Saturday against Duke. He rushed for over 100 yards; in the first quarter!

    The gap between No. 1 and No. 2 widens.

No. 2 Boise State

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    No need to slide Boise State down any after they walloped Wyoming.

    Don't forget Wyoming hung with Texas for much of the game the week before. That game was at Texas. Boise went to Wyoming and waxed the Cowpokes. Just saying...

No. 3 Oregon

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    Oregon didn't play anybody this week. But they still looked sharp destroying them 69-0. They stay put.

No. 4 Ohio State

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    The Buckeyes also fattened up on a nobody, crushing Ohio 43-7. They slide up because...

No. 5 Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma squeaked by a feisty Air Force team by three, 27-24. No shame in struggling against Air Force but a top five team should handle them better, I think.

No. 6 Stanford

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    Andrew Luck and the Cardinal continue to impress.

    I almost put them in the top five this week after their blowout of Wake Forest. But Wake this year is not the Wake of the past few years. Maybe next week.

No. 7 South Carolina

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    Carolina also got fat against a weak opponent on Saturday. But they took cars of business beating Furman 38-19.

No. 8 Texas

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    Texas went on the road to face a tough Texas Tech squad. They won 24-14, shutting the Raiders out in the second half.

    A rather impressive win for Texas.

No. 9 Nebraska

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    The Huskers crack the top ten this week with a nice road win over Washington.

    The Huskers have displayed a high scoring offense thus far behind freshman QB Taylor Martinez. They appear to be for real.

No. 10 Florida

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    Although still sloppy on offense, Florida is tough on defense.

    The Gators won a road game at Tennessee in a rivalry game. This vaults them over Michigan, who struggled to beat UMass.

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