Rock Chalk Review: The Alter-Egos Of The Kansas Jayhawks

Ben GartlandAnalyst IISeptember 18, 2010

Spear! Spear! (The Goldberg fan  inside of me forced me to do that)
Spear! Spear! (The Goldberg fan inside of me forced me to do that)

Kansas Jayhawks' football fans have entered a nightmare, and it's far from over.

For those of you who did not watch the game, it seemed as if the Jayhawks were asleep, while Southern Miss looked like they had all injected Red Bull into their blood stream. The difference in motivation, momentum and focus between the two teams was so astounding that it seemed KU was playing like a high school team, and Southern Miss as a college team.

Maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, since we only lost by 15. Still, the Jayhawks were dominated like Rihanna all game. 

Here is my question to the Kansas Jayhawks' football team: How do you go from beating a ranked team, to losing to a Conference USA team?

It's like the Jayhawks have alter-egos. One ego sleeps through games, and by the time it wakes up, the game is already out of reach. The other ego comes out like it's their last game and raises hell on everyone. 

This game, the sleepy ego was present, while the motivated ego stayed in Lawrence.

Not to disrespect Southern Miss, who actually has a decent team and were the favorites for this game. My question is why was Southern Miss the favorite? The Jayhawks went 12-1 and won the Orange Bowl only 3 years ago! Where did that talent go? Weren't we supposed to get major recruiting enhancements from that win?

Going through rebuilding sucks. Trust me I know, since i have been a fan of the Royals since i was born, which means I've only witnessed rebuilding seasons. 

Why did KU need to rebuild though? As much as i hate to give credit to Mizzou, take a look at their program. They went through the same situation as KU, yet were able to turn it around and are currently a ranked team with a young squad.

If Turner Gill allows the players to think that this lazy, sleepy style of play is acceptable, then not only are KU fans in for a long season, but Kansas will be stuck with it for the next 3 or 4 years. This team can be good, and they have proved it, but if they lack the hunger it takes to play each game like it's their last, then KU fans will see a lot more games like this.

KU fans better hope the motivated ego kills the other one in it's sleep, otherwise the Jayhawks will return to being the laughingstock of Big XII football.


Peace Out

Ben Gartland