Reggie Bush and the 10 Most Irreversible Sports Screwups Ever

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2010

Reggie Bush and the 10 Most Irreversible Sports Screwups Ever

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    Reggie Bush has been in the news more for his off-field activities than his on-field work since he left USC.

    There are mistakes you can make and then say "my bad" and move on. Eventually people forgive you and things get better.

    And then there are those things that you can't get a "do over" for, because it will always be with you.

    It will come up in your obit, and on your Wiki page. It will come up when you are "Googled."

    It becomes like word association with the athlete's name.

    Here are the 10 most irreversible moments we can think of.

Honorable Mention: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

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    Not sure these two were ever friends or even like each other, but they should get a house and move in together.

    Because they are forever painted with the same brush. Both put up ridiculous numbers late in their careers.

    Both have allegedly used PEDs. Neither of them needed them to get into the Hall of Fame.

    And unlike several others who manned up and finally confessed, these two would rather fight Congress than tell the truth.

    They are (dis)honorable mentions because the jury is still out on their endings. Literally.

Honorable Mention: Latrell Sprewell

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    He's honorable mention because it's tough to figure out which of his screw-ups was more egregious, choking his coach or turning down millions of dollars because it wasn't enough to feed his family.

    And then never stepping on the pro basketball court again, as if he was banished.

    Probably the choking, but still.

10. Shoeless Joe Jackson

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    Movies have been made and books have been written about the "Black Sox" scandal. Great ones.

    And "Shoeless" Joe Jackson is still out of the Hall of Fame because of it.

    Looking at his numbers, you can definitely make an argument that he played as hard or harder than any player on the field.

    But anytime his name comes up all you can think of is that kid saying "Say it ain't so, Joe."

    Poor kid.

9. Marion Jones

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    To this day, no bigger female athlete has admitted to using steroids or PEDs. And very few athletes have actually gone to jail for lying about it.

    Even fewer have suffered the lows that Marion Jones went through.

    Before her admission, she was looked at as one of the greatest female track athletes of all time.

    Now, she is just a tragic figure.

8. Mark McGwire

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    Unfortunately for McGwire, he makes this list even though he ended up admitting that he took steroids.

    The problem is, he was so influential in bringing back baseball in 1998 that every time we think of home runs and steroids we will think of him and his little friend, Sammy Sosa.

    Side note: Sosa doesn't make the list because he is a mess and made so many other screw-ups it's hard to pick just one. From bleaching his skin to forgetting how to speak English, the list is too long to choose from.

7. Reggie Bush

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    In the end, some might say that it is just a trophy. But when you balance the fact that no one in the history of the trophy has ever had to give it back, with the fact that Bush still has never come out and talked about everything, you see how it will always stay with him.

    Combine all of that with the assumption that he will never be as good in the pros as he was in college and you see how tragic it is.

    When your best years won you a trophy that you have to give back and your school strips your name from all of its halls and makes believe you never existed, something went wrong.

6. Tonya Harding

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    It might seem like a joke or a punchline now, but it was big news back in 1994 when Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, attacked her Olympic ice skating teammate Nancy Kerrigan, to help Harding's chances of winning the gold.

    There is a good chance that if this happened today, the Internet would just shut down.

5. Jayson Williams

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    Williams makes the list because he dragged his case out forever.

    The case went on for almost as long as his NBA career, and certainly longer than his once-upon-a-time blooming broadcast career.

    I still don't get how you can accidentally shoot someone with a shotgun. The whole story seems strange to this day.

4. Tiger Woods

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    Might he, in the end, break Jack Nicklaus's records and be the best ever? Possibly.

    If he wins on tour next year and does his fist pump, will we watch and cheer? Probably.

    Will we ever look at him the same as we did before last Thanksgiving? Uh uh.

3. Michael Vick

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    Vick is making a comeback!

    He might end up being named the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and eventually do what no other quarterback in that team's history has ever done, lead them to a world championship.

    And you know what? Right outside of the Super Bowl there would be people with signs lined up and reminding us that he went to jail for brutally killing dogs.

2. OJ Simpson

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    Technically, he was found not guilty of the two murders we are all thinking about.

    And since he is in jail right now for less violent crimes, shouldn't he be at No. 2 for worst screw-ups?

    Makes sense, right?

1. Rae Carruth

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    It's tough to call murder a screw-up, but in this case we have to have him on the list.

    The worst part of the Rae Carruth plot to murder his girlfriend isn't that he had her killed so that he wouldn't have to pay child support.

    Nor is it that he permanently disabled the child she was carrying.

    The worst part is that he is set to be released from prison in less than 10 years.