Oklahoma Football: Landry Jones Is The Sooner Of The Week

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2010

Landry Jones Lights Up the Seminole Secondary for 380 yards, four touchdowns.
Landry Jones Lights Up the Seminole Secondary for 380 yards, four touchdowns.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This article does not really even need to be written except for consistencies sake.

Anyone who watched just five minutes of the first half could tell you that Landry Jones was the star of the day.

Consistency seems to be only piece he lacks to become a Heisman-caliber quarterback.

Florida State decided to line up their defensive backs deep to give their young secondary a chance against the Sooners. OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson and quarterback Landry Jones took advantage and once again became bubble-screen University.

Usually that kind of play calling drives Sooner fans mad, but much to their delight, Jones was able to go deep when the defensive backs pressed the receivers rendering an absolute defenseless performance by the Florida State secondary.

Christian Ponder came into the game as a Heisman contender but that mantle was wrestled from him by Jones, who had a first half that was as good as any QB has had in Norman since Bradford's destruction of Texas Tech in 2008.

He had a Heisman caliber performance by half time and the fact that Stoops called the dogs off his little Brother and Seminole's defensive coordinator, Mark Stoops, did little to hurt his numbers.

If Bob Stoops had not been playing against his little brother, we may well have seen a 500 yard, six-touchdown performance by Jones, as acts of mercy by Stoops usually do not occur until deep into the fourth quarter.


Jones still finished the game with an impressive stat sheet: 380 yards passing, four touchdowns, and a 75 percent completion rate (30-40).

The receivers were on all game; there were few drops, if any, and some great catches and runs after catch. Broyles was Broyles, and not to overlook him. but it was the fact that he had a lot of help for the first time in a while that truly impressed.

Cameron Kenney showed both great hands and agility in the game showing that he may very well be the star everyone expected him to become giving the young Kenny Stills more time to develop. The touchdown reception by Kenney was truly spectacular. He was able to catch a slightly overthrown ball while back peddling and keep his feet to redirect himself into the end zone instead of letting them carry him out of bounds

The tight ends were also very impressive both pass blocking and catching. Few expected more than blocking form the position this year, but both James Hanna and one-time walk-on Trent Ratterie had impressive touchdown receptions while showing good hands and great power breaking tackles on their way to the end zone.

So, thanks to a great game by Jones and a breakout game by both the receiving corp and the tight ends, Landry Jones is your Sooner of the Week.

Though he has not won Sooner of the Week yet, Broyles consistency through both games has him as the front-runner for September's Sooner of the Month and an early favorite for Sooner of the Year.

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