Boise State BCS Watch: Seven Games That Helped The Broncos BCS Bowl Game Chances

Elias Trejo@@Elias_TrejoSenior Analyst IISeptember 15, 2010

Boise State BCS Watch: Seven Games That Helped The Broncos BCS Bowl Game Chances

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    After a week one win over Virginia Tech the Boise State Broncos rested in week two. They lost some momentum after Ohio State and Alabama won over ranked opponents at home, and after Virginia Tech lost at home again to an actual underdog.

    The debate still carries on whether the Broncos deserve a title shot or not, but we have to remind ourselves that this is only the third week of the season.

    Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State and many others have plenty of football left to play.

    In the mean time let's just focus on the Broncos making back to a BCS game.

    There was plenty of action over the weekend on week two of the college football season and seven games helped the Broncos chances of getting into a BCS Bowl Game.

VIrginia Tech Loses to James Madison

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    Many people say that Boise State lost some credibility after Virginia Tech lost their game to James Madison 21-16. I disagree.

    The year they made it to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma, Boise State didn't play anyone ranked anywhere close to the top ten, but they still made it to a BCS Bowl game.

    Virginia Tech always finds a way to compete for at the ACC Title. The more losses the BCS conference schools get the better it is for BSU and even TCU.

Georgia Tech Loses To Kansas

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    The ACC did not have a good week last weekend.  No.15 Georgia Tech lost to Kansas and once again that adds one loss to another ACC school with an automatic bid.

    Kansas pulled out a close one beating the Yellow Jackets 28-25.

    This loss was great for Boise State.

Georgia Loses to South Carolina

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    The Sec is the toughest division in college football until someone else wins a national title. Georgia was ranked No. 6  before they lost to South Carolina 17-6.

    I can see a one loss SEC team getting the nod over BSU for the National Title game, but I don't see a one or two loss SEC team getting a BCS bowl bid over an undefeated Broncos team.

Miami Loses to Ohio State

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    Continuing the trend for the bad week in the ACC, the Miami Hurricanes lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes. The final score was 36-24.

    Another loss for an ACC team is a win for Boise State. It appears that the top schools in the ACC all have one loss already. Great news for Boise State and their BCS hopes.

Florida State Loses to Oklahoma

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    The Oklahoma Sooners who were one of the teams Boise State has beaten in a BCS game helped the Broncos chances of returning to another one.

    The Sooners quickly disposed of the Florida State Seminoles beating them 47-17.

    The ACC had a weekend they would love to forget.

Notre Dame Loses To Michigan

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    Notre Dame is not in a BCS conference but they do get into a BCS game if ranked No. 8  or higher in the BCS polls.

    They lost to Michigan 28-24 after a great performance by Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. He passed and rushed for over 200 yards against Notre Dame.

    ND will have to play perfect the rest of the season to get into a BCS game, which is good news for the Broncos.

Penn State Loses To Alabama

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    Alabama beat Penn State 24-3 over the weekend. This gives a ranked Big-10 school a loss. Another plus for Boise State.

    Boise State along with everyone else still has a lot of football left to play and the potential for a loss is always there for anyone.

    As long as Boise State keeps winning and the big programs fall, BSU's chances of making it to a BCS Bowl game increase.

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