College Football Recruiting: Dynamic Wide Receiver Daniel Fisher Demands Respect

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2010

You can have all the top recruits in the state on your team and be a really good team.

You could also have Daniel Fisher on your team and be one of the most feared and respected offensive teams in the state.

Fisher, a senior wide receiver for Bolingbrook High School, is a true threat for young star quarterback Aaron Bailey.

Fisher, who stands in at 5'11" and 175 pounds, can be known as a true "prime time player." When Bolingbrook faced heavily-favored Downers Grove South earlier this year, Fisher went out and made key blocks, catches, and runs to lead his Raiders team to victory.

Already noted as a prime time player, Fisher, using his big size and quickness, is the primary option in big-time plays for Bolingbrook. While he may not jump out on the recruiting list, Fisher's hard work, talent, and drive jump out at everyone around him.

When asked what drives the respectable and talented player, Fisher said, "While everyone may hear this a lot, my drive is the same drive every player has. My love for the game combined with my dedication for the game, to win and hard work to be the best is what leads me on the field every day at practice and every weekend night on the field for games."

Besides being a hell of a football player, Fisher is also a key contributor to Bolingbrook's varsity basketball team; when asked how he can improve his game, Fisher stated with confidence, "I can only improve my game by working hard, since I feel I work hard already, every day I work I can feel myself getting better."

In the crowd, spectators bring up the name Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers to describe the pro that Fisher plays like. Minus the loudmouth showboating, Fisher is key for his team like Smith and always has the potential to break that big time play that will hurt the opponent.

The WOW factor that Fisher has is something that can't be coached, along with the respect and maturity that Fisher has when it comes to football.

"I don't need my name in 50 newspapers to make myself feel good," he said. "I come to play every day and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, that's what makes me feel good."

Great words from a great younger player who doesn't demand respect with his mouth, but with his play.