UCLA Football: Why Is Kevin Prince Still the Starter Over Richard Brehaut?

Justin YettContributor IISeptember 13, 2010

PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 11:  Richard Brehaut #12, Sheldon Price #22 and Dalton Hilliard #19 of UCLA rush out to the field before the game against Stanford at the Rose Bowl on September 11, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

Did any other UCLA football fans find watching last Saturday's game against Stanford hard?

I know I did, and after a lot of puzzled moments and plays where I was just left scratching my head I couldn't help but wonder, what does Kevin Prince have that Richard Brehaut doesn't?

The obvious answer would be age and maturity as Prince has been at UCLA for one more year than Brehaut has, and the other as stated by the coaches is leadership.

Prince finished last Saturday's game a measly 6-12 for 39 yards before being yanked after a fumble and aggravating his right shoulder.

Prince has been accustomed to missing time due to injuries, as he has not played a full season of football since his junior year in high school, and even during this season's fall camp he missed all but four days.

Timing is a key component in football, and Prince's timing just has not been there with his receivers and it's obvious that all the time he missed during camp is the main reason.

Now here comes the main point of the article, why didn't Richard Brehaut get a real shot?

Richard Brehaut ran the first team offense off and on with junior college transfer Darius Bell, and showed the coaches enough good things, I believe, to earn at least some playing time. 

Not only did he play in both scrimmages, he executed in both scrimmages as well.

I do believe that Prince has more leadership ability than Brehaut, but leadership ability can only take a quarterback so far when he's consistently going three and out.

The little time that Brehaut did play, he went 5-9 for 49 yards, but did have an interception as well. Still, the game was already over and he also had to come in cold right after a fumble returned for a touchdown.

This is my call to Rick Neuheisel, why not give Richard Brehaut a chance? He really couldn't do any worse than Kevin Prince. Prince has thrown three interceptions to zero touchdowns and hasn't looked comfortable playing in a game yet.

So Rick, why not give the kid a chance? At least a half, a drive that means something...just something. Or else you, your team, and Bruin fans all over could be in for a very long September.