College Football Rankings: The Only Top 10 Poll You'll Need

Jim FolsomSenior Analyst IMarch 24, 2017

College Football Rankings: The Only Top 10 Poll You'll Need

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    Forget the AP Poll. Forget the Coaches Poll. They don't watch the games anyway.

    Just remember the Jimmy Poll. It's the only poll you need.

    Since I did correctly predict that Jacory Harris was the most overrated player in college football before he threw four picks against Ohio State, and also stated that Wisconsin was not that good before they only beat San Jose State by 13 points, I am the only pollster you need.

    Here is my top 10.

The Pollster

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    Unlike the anonymous pollsters who we do not know, I am not afraid to put a face to the poll.

    Sorry it's not a prettier face. It was prettier before 35 years of watching college football took its toll.

No. 1 Alabama

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    Just go ahead and give them the crystal football.

    Alert the Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart. Start stacking up the Dr. Peppers in the front of the store. This is a done deal.

    Alabama is a lead-pipe lock to repeat as national champs. This is the biggest gap between No. 1 and No. 2 since 1999 with Florida Sate.

    Alabama would be favored in the NFC West.

    After destroying San Jose St., who then went to Wisconsin and put up a fight, and Penn St., without its best offensive and defensive player even suiting up yet, the Tide is about the take all drama out of this season.

No. 2 Boise State

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    Boise State you say?

    I know, half of you, if not more, are screaming right now, "They don't play anybody!"

    It doesn't matter. They are still the best of the rest of a less-than-stellar crop of teams. These guys have experience, poise under pressure, and not too many holes. They are well coached. And they have a QB they know will not get rattled because he has to drive the length of the field in the last two minutes to score a game-winning touchdown.

    That makes them hard to beat. They so broke Va. Tech's spirit that the Hokies promptly went out and lost the next week to Dolly Madison. Or was it Billy Madison?

No. 3 Oregon

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    The Ducks are good. They have speed to burn. Their defense has pitched three shutout halves out of four thus far.

    They're a bit undersized and a bit inexperienced at QB, or I'd have them at No. 2. If Masoli wasn't a petty criminal, they may have given Bama a run for their money.

No. 4 Oklahoma

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    Yeah, I'm a bit surprised at this one too. But Christian Ponder is not a bad QB, and OU made him go 10-of-30.

    Even on their bad days, FSU rarely gets beat by 30 unless Tim Tebow is running them over. The Sooners were actually kind to them and called off the dogs early. It was 31-7 at the half.

No. 5 Ohio State

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    This is what separates yours truly from the other polls, where people vote by checking the scores. Ohio State is good, but in all honesty, if Miami had a decent QB—not a great QB, just a good one—they would have beaten Ohio State.

    Two kick returns for TDs? Really? Harris missed open men all day, except when they were wearing red. Some of those would have resulted in touchdowns.

No. 6 Iowa

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    Iowa looks pretty impressive. I may have underestimated them. I don't know how good Iowa State is, but unless they are flat out horrible, then Iowa is good.

    Stanzi looks great. The running game is powerful. The defense is stifling. I really think I may pick them to beat Ohio State when the time comes.

No. 7 Stanford

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    Andrew Luck an company have it going on. And now they have a defense to boot.

    They went on the road and put a beat-down on hapless UCLA this past weekend. Notre Dame, look out. They're coming for you in two weeks.

No. 8 South Carolina

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    Who would have thunk it?

    The Old Ball Coach can beat you with a running game and a stingy defense? That's about it.

    Freshman running back Marcus Lattimore can carry the mail. And with a defense that held Georgia to two field goals, no need to let Stephen Garcia throw the ball too much.

No. 9 Texas

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    Texas may not look all that impressive yet. Truthfully they aren't.

    This is where the good teams are getting scarce.

    Texas has a lot of talent, but are short on experience at QB and other important positions. But they will get better, and will give OU a good ball game. I don't think they will win though.

No. 10 Michigan

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    Denard Robinson is a one-man wrecking crew.

    It must be true what Rich Rodriguez's defenders have been saying: "As soon as he gets his type of QB, Michigan will be back."

    It looks that way now, doesn't it? When Pryor and Robinson hook up this year, that will be some must-see TV.