RB/WR/TE Film Review: Iowa State

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 05:  Running back Adam Robinson #32 of the Iowa Hawkeyes warms up against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Land Shark Stadium on January 5, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Another stellar performance from Adam Robinson this week as he piled up 156 yards on only 11 carries. He looked even better than he did against EIU last week as he continued to run with a physical presence that wasn't there last year. He also continues to have great vision and patience which is a must in a zone heavy running scheme.  He showed a couple of new moves including a nice little hurdle move where he didn't even break stride as he galloped off on a big run.

The return of Jewel Hampton wasn't a let down as he showed why he was so highly thought of coming into '09. His burst and acceleration are noticeable and he also does a nice job of playing physical in his own right. He ran behind his pads at times in this one and was winning 1 on 1's in space with defenders most of the time. He finished one run off with a couple of very stout stiff arms and showed he's ready to be a contributor in a big way this season.

The TE's were well rounded in this one again. Reisner made the most of his targets and gave upcoming opponents something to think about as he showed he can stretch the field vertically. His blocking was also fairly good with only a single missed assignment all day.  Herman didn't see any targets but was dominating against an undersized front seven in this one. He put his man on the ground after driving him several times.

DJK and McNutt got a few more targets in this one and they looked like the big time play makers they are. Iowa didn't dig real deep in the playbook but they at least took some shots up the field in this one. If DJK had run down his deep ball it would have been a perfect game for him. Their blocking was very very good in this one as they both physically over-matched their corners the vast majority of the time. There isn't much to look at with the other WR's in this one as they mostly just held their own blocking on the outside as Iowa had this one wrapped up by half time.


+1 Excellent run here as he just rumbles through arm tackles and follows his blocks for a big gain. D1 Play 6
+1 Another physical run here as he picks up a big run to set up first and goal. D1 Play 11
+2 Very patient here picking his hole as his blocks set up on the draw. Then he hurdles a defender, breaks a tackle and tears off for a huge run that's nearly a TD. D5 Play 2
+2 Great piece of running here again as he bursts through the seam, breaks a tackle and takes it to the house. Big time running. D7 Play 3

Overall: +6

+1 Nice job on the burst outside here. Good acceleration into space here. D2 Play 10
+1 Superb job of running behind his pads here as he just freight trains the ISU safety and plows down to the 2. Big time running here. D2 Play 12
+1 Does an excellent of reading the play here as the DE shot the gap inside and he bounces this out and picks up some blocks from his receivers. Throws a couple of nasty stiff arms here at the end as well after breaking an arm tackle. D9 Play 4

Overall: +3

+1 Great lead block on the TD run by Hampton as he KO’s the LB in the hole.D2 Play 13

Overall: +1

+1 Excellent look in space here as he gets away from his tackler and picks up some good yardage on the check down. D1 Play 3
-1 Misses his block on the DE here on the play and he makes the play on Robinson. D1 Play 8
+1 Nice looking slip route here as he crosses back over and gets the TD grab in the flat. D3 Play 4
+1  Great job of getting to the LB on the draw and opening up the lane as he leads up the seam. D5 Play 2
+1  Very nice route here as he beats the corner on the scissor route and picks up a big gainer. D7 Play 2

Overall: +3

+1 Just drives the DE all over the place. Literally drove him almost to the sideline. D1 Play 6
-1  False Start
+1 Great job finding the second level defender here on the draw as he knocks him out of the seam. D5 Play 2
+1 Just dominates the OLB here as he drive blocks him and then puts him on the ground to finish him off.  Can’t do it any better than that. D7 Play 3

Overall: +2

+1 Good job of picking up a few extra YAC here on the little stop route in the left flat here. D2 Play 2
-1  Slows up on the deep post off of PA and isn’t quite able to come up with the ball. Needs to read the ball in the air better here and come up with the ball after beating the corner by 4-5 yards. The wind may have been a factor but he needs to make that play. D4 Play 1

+1 KO block on a safety on A-Rob's 75 yard gain. D5 Play2
+1 Excellent job here on the deep crossing route here. Good soft hands on the diving catch as picks it right above the turf. D9 Play 1
+1 Nice job of staying with his block on the outside as he holds his block while Hampton scoots by. D9 Play 4

Overall: +3


+1 Beautiful route over the middle here as he stops and head-fakes and freezes the defender behind him and then finishes the short crossing route for the TD. D1 Play 13
+1 Excellent job of adjusting to the ball in the air here on the scissor route here. Great job of staying on his feet after the catch and getting the ball inside the 10. Great play. D3 Play 1
+1 Great down-field blocking to keep his man off Robinson. Excellent work here. D5 Play 2'

Overall: +3

+1 Nice job coming and finding the LB in space as he helps opens up a lane to the outside on the run here. D9 Play 4

Overall: +1


-1 Missed assignment here as he fails to block down and the DE rocks Robinson in the backfield D5 Play 4

Overall: -1