Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Comparing The First Two Weeks Of 2009 and 2010

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Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Comparing The First Two Weeks Of 2009 and 2010
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Many wonder how well the 2010 Alabama team is doing as compared to the 2009 version. No one can blame fans for comparing, after all, that 2009 team turned out to be fairly good didn't it.

As chance would have it, the competition in the first two games has been fairly similar between the two seasons. This makes a comparison possible if not absolutely necessary.

We must keep in mind that no two seasons are alike. When the majority of indicators point in one direction, it can be a good indicator of comparison.


Alabama 2009

Alabama 2010

Scoring Defense

Allowed 19 points per game

Ranked 50 nationally

Allowed 3 points per game

Ranked 1 nationally

Total Defense

184.5 yards per game

Ranked 10 nationally

229 yards per game

Ranked 12 nationally

Rushing Defense

32.5 yards per game

Ranked 5 nationally

108 yards per game

Ranked 46 nationally

Pass Efficiency Defense

92.87 on the index

Ranked 21 nationally

68.66 on the index

Ranked 5 nationally

Pass Defense

152 yards per game

Ranked 31 nationally

121 yards per game

Ranked 19 nationally


5 per game

Ranked 2 nationally

.5 per game

Ranked 109 nationally

Tackles for a Loss

10 per game

Ranked 5 nationally

1.5 per game

Ranked 120 nationally

Scoring Offense

37 points per game

Ranked 30 nationally

36 points per game

Ranked 33 nationally

Total Offense

507 yards per game

Ranked 14 nationally

500 points per game

Ranked 16 nationally

Passing Offense

235.5 yards per game

Ranked 48 nationally

281.5 yards per game

Ranked 24 nationally

Pass Efficiency

142.89 on the index

Ranked 46 nationally

182.42 on the index

Ranked 8 nationally

Rushing Offense

271.5 yards per game

Ranked 10 nationally

218.5 yards per game

Ranked 29 nationally

Punt Returns

19.43 yards per return

Ranked 16 nationally

3 yards per return

Ranked 95 nationally

Kick Returns

18.43 yards per return

Ranked 90 nationally

20 yards per return

Ranked 82 nationally

This is the vast majority of the vital statistics. Alabama fans can compare as they like and see if inexperience has had an effect. Either way, with Duke coming up, Alabama can expect another big win this week. 

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