Alabama Football Graduate Cory Reamer Cut By New York Jets

Larry BurtonSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2010

Reamer (right) had a lot of things the coaches loved, mainly his intelligence
Reamer (right) had a lot of things the coaches loved, mainly his intelligence

Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer) Cory Reamer wasn't drafted, but he still caught the eye of the New York Jets and was invited to try out.

His work in try out camp got him a contract but it ended up being a short lived one, when he didn't make the final cut in spring camp.

What got Reamer the contract was not his speed, as he was a step slower than most, but his ability to read and react, which got him there at the same time as the "fast" linebackers they looked at. Plus, he was smart.

Reamer’s ability to grasp the Jets’ intricate playbook sold Jets head coach Rex Ryan and defensive coach Pettine.

But in the end, it just wasn't enough.

According to the Star Ledger, Pettine said, “His timed speed isn’t great. But there’s guys that make up for it by being instinctive and understanding football. They might not be as fast as the guy they’re competing with, but they get to the spot at the same time, because they recognized it quicker....(When) you watched him on tape, he didn’t really fit in athletically with the rest of that Alabama group. But here’s a guy that’s out there and all he’s doing is his job. He’s a guy that I wouldn’t be shocked ends up being a great coach one day. He’s really understands it."

Jets head coach Ryan often joked that they could replace defensive coordinator Mike Pettine with Reamer "because this guy is sharp. He's calling out everything." According to the

Yes, that is how Saban gets the most out of athletes that aren't four or five stars, players like Reamer. He teaches them to be better through conditioning and intelligence; that's why Reamer did so well stepping in last year when injuries forced him to become a starter.

What's next for Reamer? Many feel he could make the practice squad and hope to catch on with another team, and there's always coaching if that doesn't work out.