Michigan Blues: 10 Reasons Why Denard Robinson Won't Win The Heisman

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterSeptember 13, 2010

Michigan Blues: 10 Reasons Why Denard Robinson Won't Win The Heisman

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    Denard Robinson! Program Savior! Heisman front runner! Best player in college football! OMG!!


    Everyone take a deep breath and relax, we're a whole TWO weeks into the season. 

    Yes, Michigan is 2-0 and clearly on their way to a National Championship.

    Yes, Robinson single handedly carried UM to those two victories and is no doubt a very talented young man.  But Heisman trophy winner?

    No so fast, my friend.  Here are 10 reasons Denard Robinson will NOT win the Heisman trophy this season.

Remember Last Year?

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Michigan roared out to a 4-0 start last season, enjoying a down to the wire win over Notre Dame and looking like the Michigan of old.

    Sound familiar?

    After the hot start, UM lost seven of its final eight games and again missed a bowl game. 

    All talk of Michigan's return to glory quickly faded to moans and groans while coach Rod's seat began to grow warmer.


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    Marc Serota/Getty Images

    UConn is a basketball school.  Notre Dame is a huge question mark.

    2-0 is 2-0, but these aren't exactly the toughest opponents to play against.

    Robinson's stats should continue to balloon the next few games against Massachusetts and Bowling Green, but then the Big Ten schedule beings.

    Michigan State, #9 Iowa, #22 Penn State, and #11 Wisconsin are just a few of the schools Michigan will have a tough time with. 

    Shoelace may find it a little harder to run on the road in front of 100,000 plus at Happy Valley.


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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    To be a true Heisman candidate, you have to be the on a elite-ranked team, almost always in the top ten nationally. 

    While making strides from previous years, Michigan still has a long way to go.  USA today currently has them ranked 22nd overall.

    Not exactly an elite ranking.

    Michigan will probably crack the top 15 in the next few weeks facing powerhouses UMass and Bowling Green at home, but will have to knock off some ranked opponents to make a serious jump in the polls.

Tate Forcier

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Stop me if you've heard this one before.

    Hot shot Michigan quarterback leads team to big win over Notre Dame, becomes early front runner for Heisman Trophy.

    I remember reading an article on Rivals.com last year around this same time proclaiming Forcier the favorite for the Heisman, despite being only a freshman.

    Tate compiled 526 yards and 6 touchdowns in Michigan's first two games last year, and it seemed like everyone from California to Istanbul were ready to pronounce him the winner. 

    Remember how that ended?  A four-interception game against Ohio State proved what most already knew, postseason awards aren't won in Week 2.

Game Planning

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    Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    Michigan right now is a one-man team.  As you see with rookie pitchers in baseball that get off to hot starts but soon fizzle, other teams will spend hours watching game film, scouting and breaking down the player's strengths and weaknesses.

    A chance to scout a player, especially one with very little talent around them, will allow a team to hone in on that player and devise a game plan to specifically stop that player and force someone else on the team to beat them.

    Linebackers will no doubt be given one job on Saturdays when Michigan comes to town.  Stop No. 16. 

    Week by week, the experienced coaches of the Big Ten will work to take away parts of Robinson's game, most likely forcing him to pass the ball exclusively and take away running lanes that he's taken advantage of thus far.

Mark Ingram

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    Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    Remember him?

    Last year's winner should be back on the field this week, and despite missing the first two games, he could make up for missed time very quickly.

    Whether or not you think Trent Richardson is better, there's no way Nick Saban won't give Ingram plenty of touches to try to defend his title. 

    Ingram also has the luxury of being on the best team in the country, which seemed to work out well enough for him last year when he came away with the trophy.

Toby Gerhart

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Yes, I'm aware that Gerhart plays with the Vikings now, but hear me out. 

    Last year, much like Robinson now, Toby put up gaudy stats that were Heisman worthy. 

    He actually outperformed Heisman winner Mark Ingram's 1,658 yards and 17 touchdowns with 1,871 yards and 27 touchdowns of his own.

    This proves one thing, Heisman trophies are not won on statistics alone.  Stanford actually enjoyed a very good year, going 8-4 with wins over conference rivals USC and Oregon but it wasn't enough to boost Gerharts stock. 

    Even if Michigan goes 8-4, which many would consider a successful season, it may not be enough to land Robinson the hardware.

    Just ask Toby.

Terrelle Pryor

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    Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

    Pryor's ascension to manhood began during the Rose Bowl in a huge win over the Oregon Ducks that immediately won back respect lost during games against USC and Texas in past years.

    TP2 has grown immensely as a passer in his first two full seasons and appears ready to make the next step this year. 

    While he struggled with accuracy against Miami, he still put up impressive stats for the second straight week while leading the team to a win. 

    Defenses can't focus on stopping Pryor as well as Robinson, because of Ohio State's stout running game with Dan Herron and Brandon Saine.

Kellen Moore

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    Geoff Burke/Getty Images

    As much as Robinson's stats resemble the one's you've been putting up playing NCAA Football 11, Boise State QB Kellen Moore's will be more impressive by season's end.

    Moore threw for a ridiculous 39 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions last season as a sophomore and will only get better this year.

    After Oregon State, Boise plays a joke of a schedule that will allow Moore to pump up his passing numbers to former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan's status.

    With a solid No. 3 team ranking or better throughout the season, Moore will be many voters' Heisman darling.

Nov. 27

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    Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

    Robinson won't win the Heisman if he can't beat No. 2 Ohio State in Columbus, period. 

    Michigan hasn't enjoyed much luck against Ohio State lately, and the Buckeyes are rolling after a big win over Miami this weekend. 

    I'm not saying Michigan can't win.  I'm not saying they won't win.  I'm fully convinced that when rivals clash, you can throw the records out the window. 

    The hate the schools have for each other is enough motivation for either Robinson or Pryor to win and potentially vault themselves to a Heisman.

    Jacory Harris, an early Heisman favorite the past two years just enjoyed a trip to Columbus.  How'd that work out for him?