Jimbo Has Plenty to Ponder Over: Seminoles Lose, As Sooners Make a Statement

Isaiah ClarkCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2010

DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles celebrating a touchdown
DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles celebrating a touchdownRonald Martinez/Getty Images

Remember last week when we were saying this would be a different year for Florida State football? Looks like the joke's on us.

I am not going to sugar coat anything or beat around the bush, plain and simple, we looked God awful.

The only thing that we thought was for certain was the offense, now I am not even sure about that anymore. Besides the first offensive possession of the game, the entire offense looked like they haven't played in years.

Our offensive line is regarded as one of the best in the nation, but it didn't look that way today as they were pushed around for a majority of the game. The holes weren't there for the running game and Christian Ponder didn't have much time in the pocket to do anything.

Speaking of Ponder, could he have played any worse? Any hopes he had at a Heisman trophy can be thrown out of the window after his performance today. At times he looked as if he were a freshman or even worse, like Chris Rix. Yes, I went there and I will tell you why. His reads were atrocious, staring down one receiver the entire time during each pass play.

Not to mention he was throwing the ball like a little girl, when I say little girl I mean like Becky ‘Icebox’ O’Shea from the movie 'Little Giants'. Even she throws the ball harder than what we saw from him today. There were too many times when he was lobbing the pass in there instead of throwing with some velocity.

We needed him today and he didn’t step up like a leader should. I am not saying he needs to be benched or that he alone is to blame for today’s nonexistence of an offense, because the receivers didn’t show up today either.

A lot had been said about the receivers and their potential this year, but they didn’t come to play. They weren’t running solid routes, missing blocks, dropping passes, and weren’t breaking off their routes to come back for the ball. This group of receivers do have plenty of upside but they need to be consistent and learn how not to take off a play.

Enough talking about the offense and their issues, how about that defense? Whoa, talk about regressing in a week. They didn’t stop the Sooners offense until their fifth time out on the field. You just can’t do that and expect to win, let alone in a hostile environment on the road. Oh, and lets not forget about the lack of tackling yet again. It’s like these guys don’t get it, wrap up, bear hug them, do anything to take the opposition down instead of just trying to level them with your shoulder.

Greg Reid, though he may be one of the best returners in the game and is one heck of a cover corner, he couldn’t tackle a cold. There were two occasions where he was denied a tackle by just using his shoulder, one of those resulting in a touchdown.

We were outplayed and out manned, being scorched through the air by Landry Jones for 380 yards and four touchdowns. In the end they allowed a total of 487 yards of offense.

Bob Stoops had his team ready to play and show that their performance last week was a fluke.

"You never like going against your family, but one of us had to win," Bob Stoops said after the game. "Mark will get things going down there, he knows what it takes to build a good defense." 

I am not taking anything away from Oklahoma as they dominated us in every aspect of the game. They have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and could make a run for a BCS Title game appearance.

Let’s not forget they had something to prove against us after last week’s sloppy performance. They did just that, shellacking us 47-17, while extending their nations longest home win streak to 32 games.

Mark Stoops will have a tough time getting this defense in sync. Changing an entire defensive philosophy and expecting immediate results probably won’t happen, at least not the way we would like. We went from predominately running a man-to-man defense last year to running a zone defense this year. That’s the difference between night and day. So, as fans, we must be patient and allow the defense to learn on the fly during the season.

Did Jimbo Fisher prepare this team well during the week? It’s hard to judge that one, considering coaches are the only ones that would know something like that. But from what I saw today, I whole heartedly say "NO!" He didn’t have this team prepared well enough to win, let alone compete.

His play calling was questionable at times, not enough quick hitch routes or swing passes. When we did use those swing passes we picked up a good chunk of yardage and made things happen. I am a true believer that the ball needs to be in the play makers hands as often as possible, something we lacked today. If we can’t do that by throwing the ball down field, then make the adjustments and call plays that will allow those players to get the ball.

The only positives I saw, was how our defense made some adjustments at the half and played much better in the second half. Then you had Dustin Hopkins boom a 52-yard field goal that would of been good from 65 yards.  Not much to be excited about, but you have to find a positive out of every single negative.

When Fisher made the statement, "we will play with heart and better discipline," he left me with a sense of confidence and I believed him until I watched today’s game. It was the Seminoles of old out there.

There wasn’t much discipline out there today as we committed 12 penalties for 95 yards. Also, once we got down we stayed down. Everyone had their heads down, jogging around and not hustling during plays, basically just giving up when the score was 28-7. Yes, we were down three touchdowns but this is the same team that was up 21-0 at half against Utah State and almost lost. Giving up shouldn’t be an option, no matter the if things aren’t going your way or not.

Fisher has a lot of things to adjust and fix before the Brigham Young Cougars come to Tallahassee next weekend. Lets hope for our sake and his that some of those corrections are made or we could be looking at another loss.

This team has to much talent and potential to get blown out the way they did today, but if they don’t fix some things we could be on the verge of witnessing another long and disappointing season.


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