Michigan Vs. Notre Dame 2010: Why We Still Care About Rivalry

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2010

Michigan Vs. Notre Dame 2010: Why We Still Care About Rivalry

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    Notre Dame and the University of Michigan will once again do battle in South Bend, Ind., this afternoon.

    This is a rivalry that first took place back in 1887 and has carried on for 36 more games since then, with Michigan winning 21 of 37 matchups—including one tie, which came back in 1997.

    The Wolverines have won three of the last four, outscoring the Irish 123-90 in those four combined games.

    While this is a game that we're all used to seeing, kind of like Navy and Army at the end of the year, we always seem to tune in and watch this rivalry.

    Want to know why? I'm glad you asked. Here are 10 reasons why we still care about this matchup.

Some People Just Don't Like Notre Dame

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    Let's be honest. There are some fans who look at the Irish and compare them to the New York Yankees. Not in terms of championships, but you either like them or you hate them—there's no inbetween.

    Those who love them want to see them win.

    Those that hate them hope they lose every game.

Last Year Was a Shootout

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    Last year is exactly what football fans want. A good game.

    These two teams battled for four quarters before Michigan was able to hold on to a 38-35 win in Ann Arbor.

A Lot Of Hype Surrounding Denard Robinson

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    Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is getting a lot of run all over the college football world, and for good reason.

    He ran for 197 yards and passed for another 186 against UConn last weekend in what was a big home win for not only the Wolverines but head coach Rich Rodriguez, who will be on the hot seat all year long.

High Expectations For Brian Kelly

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    The Charlie Weis era is over and the Brian Kelly era has begun. While expectations were high for Weis, don't think they aren't higher for Kelly, especially for the lack of success Notre Dame has seen in recent years.

As The Rich Rod World Turns

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    Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez is sitting on the hottest coaching seat in college football. There seems to be new drama or new stories that come out on a weekly basis on how Rich Rod could be fired if he loses this game or that game.

    While I don't think he'll survive this season, it's always fun to watch him squirm on the sidelines.

Both Schools Have Winning Traditions

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    The Michigan Wolverines have the best winning percentage of all time in college football, at .737, while Notre Dame is not far behind at .734.

    Not only that, but Michigan is first all-time in wins, with 877, while Notre Dame is third, at 838.

Fan Base and Alumni Are Huge

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    The fanbase of both of these schools, not to mention the alumni that still pack the stadium, make up for the huge attendance and television numbers these two teams receive when they're playing on any given Saturday.

We Still Remember Desmond Howard Doing "The Pose"

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    Yes, we still remember the day and the play when Desmond Howard pulled up in the end zone for a quick "Heisman pose," against Ohio State.

    Still one of the best moments ever.

Blowout Potential

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    Both of these teams have the ability to put up big points, but they also have the capability to blow each other out.

    This is a long-standing rivalry with a lot of bragging rights riding on it. Don't think that one team wouldn't love to blow the other one out and make them look bad in the process.

Rivalries Always Keep Us Interested

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    Whether it's Michigan and Notre Dame, Army and Navy, Texas and Oklahoma, it's the rivalries that will make us turn the game on and sit in our favorite chair for the entire game.

    We love the long-standing rivalries and we love what it brings to the game. If you're a football fan, this game is for you.