Why We Are Duck Fans

Elija KinContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

sue  me im a fan
sue me im a fan

Each year Oregon Fans began the countdown to the season with whats seems like a yearly quarterback battle followed by a last minute transfer. Yes our off seasons are hectic to say the least and our seasons can be gut wrenching a hundred percent of the year. Im not complaining, part of being a Duck fan is having a high tolerance for stress,which is quickly awarded with Bliss of beating OSU,USC and of Course Washington. Each year though we always began with a hope fullness instead of optimism. As we have learned nothing is what it seams,Dennis Dixon was not to be the Savior of our program but instead the face of a new generation. Mike Belotti would eventually give in and become A.D if only for a second. Chip Kelly is a genius but even Einstein had flaws. This article is for all the new bandwagon fans as a learning tool and to all old Oregon fans as something of a reminder of what it means to be animals in the Autzen Zoo.

The Town

Eugene is like a small Texas town on game day, almost everyone is gone to the only open establishments bars or Autzen to watch the game. On weekdays you can go into different breakfast joints and see different players. The team and is seen every were sporting the trademark sweat suits all around,also its easy spot the offensive and defensive line aka "the herd". Its obvious the Eugene loves their Ducks.

The Parking Lot

When you drive in you see a mixture of three types of tailgates. 1 Students tossing back jelly shots like its nothing. 2.Alumni tossing back jelly shots reliving their glory days,and cheering on the occasional former player. 3. Older Alumni with Families playing football. The other thing you see is the connection between all the fans,if you see and O on the road always applaud.

The Atmosphere

In a venue built to hold 50 thousand,the zoo adds another 6 thousand in capability. A year ago I asked a former Stanford running back what was it like to be in a hostile Autzen, all he said was WAY TO LOUD. Always ranked in the top 15 in Stadiums,find me an opposing pack 10 quarterback wanting to play in Autzen and il give him a court mandated psych exam. Lets not forget the best pump up videos made by the guys at Oregon gridiron. As soon as those play the crow goes from crazy to a ZOO. When the Harley sounds it only means one thing game time.

The Uniforms

Never were the exact same thing twice,should be the other motto for the Oregon football team.Every game its a question of what were going to were and to most fans we never disappoint. The game we unveiled or current Jerseys some booster walked by with it on and I almost screamed. Next year our contract runs out,what will we wear next?

The Game

From the kick off to the final whistle Autzen becomes the loudest place in America. Since Chip Kelly took over the Oregon offense, Oregon brand football has taken a new look. Double fake statue of liberties,triple option passes that some how end with a forty yard throw. Oregon football is fast and exciting,on defense were often small and fierce. As much as we complain about our defense in past years,the most successful player from Oregon in the NFL are on defense.

The Season

This year is our year to lose. We have a defense filled with solid players.Our line backing core is among the best in the country.Our defensive backs have a good mix of youth and experience.Our defensive line is small but fiesty and speedy. We have two heisman caliber running backs.We have a quarterback who is Chip Kellys robotic creation. Jeff Maehl could catch bricks fired from a cannon. This is our year to lose. yes I say our because in Oregon football the crowd is the 12th man on defense. Lets not get ahead of ourselves,because i have one question for you,Are you  ready to WIN THE DAY?