Florida State Football: Mister Alexander Arrested for Missing Court Date

Isaiah ClarkCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2010

Florida State linebacker, Mister Alexander
Florida State linebacker, Mister Alexander

Back in Tallahassee, Florida State is preparing for what could be the biggest game of their season. Except the newspapers aren't only talking about the upcoming game against Oklahoma.  That's because another player was busy getting arrested. Only this time, it's not as bad as it seems.

Florida State has a knack for not knowing how to stay out of the public eye when it comes to breaking the rules.  Though it may not be an outstanding crime compared to everything else that has happened thus far, it's still something that shouldn't occur.

Early Wednesday morning, linebacker Mister Alexander was arrested due to missing a court date for driving without a license.

From what has been said, it was a lack of understanding the situation on Alexander's part.

This is what Jimbo Fisher had to say about that issue:

"Here's what happened: last year he had a ticket. He went and his fines and thought it was over with. He went and took a test to get a driver's license, and they told him he had an outstanding warrant because he paid the fines but didn't think he had to go to court so he didn't know he had a warrant. When he found out, he walked down and turned himself in. That happened over a year ago. We took care of that. That wasn't even an issue."

Alexander will receive no punishment and will play in the game against Oklahoma.  Fortunately for Florida State, things weren't worse, or they would have been without their starting outside linebacker.

That hole would have been filled by talented, yet inexperienced freshman, Christian Jones.

Fisher has handled the situation exactly how it should be dealt with, as a non-issue.

As a Florida State fan and alumnus, I am glad to see Alexander won't be punished for a little mishap and will be in the game on Saturday.  He's an asset to the defense and will play a huge role for us against Oklahoma.