Why Boise State Is the Antichrist of College Football

jrwhiterabbitContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

BCS trophy is made from the finest crystal...shouldn't the players be of that same quality?
BCS trophy is made from the finest crystal...shouldn't the players be of that same quality?Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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The remarkable thing people first remember is that in 2007 Boise beat Oklahoma. Before that the reply could have easily been...does Boise State really have a football team?

Most people that have jumped on this bandwagon don’t really know why or understand how it works. The best argument is the feel-good story behind the little guy.

The ranking system in college football has apparently become lost in translation or hallucination. Since when does a No. 3 team play a No. 10 team and unexpectedly beat them? The last definition of the ranking system would expect that to happen, right? So, why was it such a shock they won? If that really is the case in point, then why were the numbers not the other way? Seems pretty cut and dry.

Why all the hype for a team going in and doing what they should have done? I mean, is it not reasonable to expect that the outcome was exactly the way the rankings indicated the outcome should be?

Boise justifies its argument and earns its respect for a shot at the BCS, right? Well, no. If you look at the games that Boise State has left to play, there is not another top-25 team left on their slate.

The following games for Boise State are (rankings based on CBS rankings on all 120 teams in the division) Wyoming No. 62, Oregon State No. 26, New Mexico State No. 112, San Jose State No. 110, La Tech No. 85, Hawaii No. 90, Idaho No. 65, Fresno State No. 40, Nevada No. 39, and Utah State No. 89. Not very impressive considering that Boise State does not play anyone who is currently ranked in the top 25 in the AP poll or the coaches' poll.

However, the Harris Poll lists Oregon State at No. 19. Based on last year's BCS final rankings Boise and Oregon State were the only two to make the cut into the top 25.

There is no comparison to a team like Alabama who still has to play LSU, Arkansas, Florida, Penn State, and Auburn, who all currently fall in the top 25. How can you even begin to compare that level of football to the high school teams that Boise still has to play?

The way I see it for Boise State is like this: If they really want to play BCS football, then I would suggest that in the future they should try to lower the teams they play that have state (with the exception of a few teams) tacked on to their name. Why not play Oregon instead of Oregon State, LSU instead of La Tech, Ohio State instead of Toledo, and add teams like Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, Texas, or Ohio State?

Maybe at the point they raise the bar and go head to head with the competition we will rehash this...but I think the reason to keep them out of the BCS is just as legitimate as their reason to be included.

Facts are facts in that...if you want to be a BCS big boy...you need to play accordingly.

Various definitions state the Antichrist will self-ascend himself to greatness, people will rise up and follow his word and have total adoration, the adoration and following will be for reasons not justified or the ability to see past the reasons will be clouded by false interpretation, and lastly someone who will resemble the part but only in a deceptive way.

Compare that to all Boise State's hype, the self-proclamation of their claim to the BCS, and their own justified idea that they are a football team that carries the right to be a BCS player because they go 13-0 (without any regard to how weak their schedule is comparatively).

In closing, as far as I see it, Boise State went into the game last week a solid seven places above VA Tech and did their job. As a matter of fact, in all honesty they did not outplay anyone in the end. Actually, they just did what people expect in college football.

I am not impressed, and until they put some meat behind their schedule, they simply are the Antichrist of football...and I ain’t buying into it.