DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles: Oklahoma Sooners of the Week Vs. Utah State

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IApril 11, 2017

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As bad as the Sooners looked on Saturday night, it is hard to even think of who could possibly come out of this game as the top performer.

Among the ugliness, there were two bright spots: DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles.

No newcomers earned any stripes, and more than a few disappointed, but these two mainstays of the Sooners offense did not disappoint.

It is clear now that these two will have to perform big, week in and week out, if Oklahoma is to have any chance at wining the Big 12 conference championship.

Ryan Broyles finished with 142 yards and over 15 yards per catch. He put the exclamation point on his performance by backpedaling and then leaping into the end zone in a manner reminiscent of a high jumper clearing the bar.

As good as Broyles was, the passing game does not look to be the Sooners' strength this season. The Sooners will have to rely on the run as much as possible.

DeMarco Murray was the difference in the game on Saturday, averaging just under six yards per carry and breaking the big run when OU needed it most.

Despite the first week being full of major mismatches, Murray was one of only five RBs to break 200 yards on Saturday. A big reason for that is OU needed every last one of his 200-plus yards to pull out the victory.

Run blocking was the weakest part of the OL's game in 2009. This year, it seems like they forgot how to pass block as well—meaning Murray needs to stay healthy if the Sooners are to avoid another five-loss season.

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