Arguments For and Against Boise State

Matthew DickeyContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

Arguments For and Against Boise State

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    With Monday's win over Virginia Tech, Boise State passed their one big challenge of the season, the argument does Boise State deserve to be in the National Championship Game? Will probably now continue until December and beyond.

    Here are the top arguments for and against Boise State playing for the National Championship. 

For No. 1: They Win...PERIOD

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    Whether or not it's the big game or the weak conference game, they win impressively. It's easy to beat up the conference but what if they do beat Fresno State, Utah State, and Hawaii by 30+. No big deal right? They should do that.

    Well Fresno State beat defended Big East Champion Cincinnati by 14. Oklahoma only beat Utah State by 7, USC only beat Hawaii by 13. So isn't there something to be said about beating all them by 30?

For No. 2: They Are Asked to Do More.

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    They might have an easier schedule but they are asked to do more then BCS schools to get into the National Championship Game. To get into a BCS Bowl they have no margin for error, and now to get into the National Championship game, they have to put back to back undefeated seasons together. Oklahoma lost 5 games last year, but 1 undefeated season this year will put them in the game.

For No. 3: They Meet Every Challenge.

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    Sure they can go undefeated in the WAC, but can't beat a National Power. Beat Oklahoma.

    Ok, that was a fluke, one game, tons of trick plays, can't do it again. Beat Oregon.

    Ok, but that was at home, they can't do it on the road. Beat Virginia Tech in front of mostly VTech fans.

    And now you say we can't win a National Championship Game?

Against No. 1: Can They Win a TRUE Road Game Against a Great Team?

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    Virginia Tech was close, but still not a true road game. Fed Ex Field, is not Lane Stadium.

Against No. 2: Can They Beat Good Teams Back to Back?

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    The toughest part of going undefeated in the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, etc, is not just beating the best teams, but you often have to beat good teams on back to back weekends. Boise State has yet to show if they can do that.

Against No. 3: Can They Win a Big Game Where They Don't Have A Month to Prepare

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    They had a month to prepare for the Bowl Game against Oklahoma. An entire off-season to prepare for Oregon and Virginia Tech, but can they beat a Top 10 Team, the week after playing someone else.

Closing Argument

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    Bottomline, is we don't know. They have proven they are top 10 team, and can beat anyone on any given Saturday, but is that enough? Could they run the table in the SEC, like Alabama, probably not, but who knows? This is the best argument for a playoff. If you think Boise State is good enough to win, they can prove it. If you don't, they can be proved wrong.

    If College Basketball used this same system, would anyone say that Butler should have been in the National Championship Game? Probably not, but they got the chance to prove they belonged. We should give Boise State a chance to prove they belong, but not just let them in because they win 1 big game a year.