Boise State Football: ESPN's Portrayal of Broncos Was Over the Line

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Boise State Football: ESPN's Portrayal of Broncos Was Over the Line
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Let me preface this by saying I have no problems with Boise State.

The Broncos are a great football team that continues to win big games. The problem I have is the media love fest that surrounds this team. ESPN in their typical fashion went over the line in their portrayal of the Broncos.

Brent Musburger called Boise the Cinderella team. They have beaten four good teams; the Cinderella label needs to come off.

Granted, what they have been able to do makes a great story; however, we do not need this shoved down our throats.

It is almost as if the media thinks we are idiots. Anyone could watch the game last night and tell Boise State was the better team. It should not come as a surprise when the road team, which was favored, comes out with the victory.

However, ESPN had to remind us repeatedly how great Boise State is. In addition, they ignored another storyline.

Perhaps Virginia Tech’s head coach Frank Beamer is not a football genius.

 Virginia Tech has to be one of the most underachieving teams in the country. Every year the Hokies find a way into the preseason top 10 and every year they lose their big non-conference game.

While teams like Oklahoma and Ohio State are constantly harassed for losing their big games, Virginia Tech receives a free pass. It makes you wonder why this fact constantly slips by voters.

Regardless, Boise State moves on.

They have arguably one tough game standing between them and a spot in the BCS title game and you can bet folks in Bristol will be cheering for them the whole way.

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