Reggie Bush Heisman Taken Away: Bush's Offenses Don't Warrant Loss of Heisman

Jordan LoaCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

"Reggie Bush to be stripped of Heisman."

This is what is currently scrolling across the ESPN ticker right now, and it is big news.

After I saw this, my blood began to boil.


Because former USC running back Reggie Bush deserves his Heisman Trophy Award, and his actions off the field shouldn't dictate whether or not he gets to keep it.

There, I said it.

I'll say it again: Reggie Bush deserves to keep his 2005 Heisman Trophy.

Bush won that trophy fair and square by his superior performance that surpassed all others that season.

Besides, isn't the Heisman Trophy awarded to the best college football player of the year? And wasn't Reggie Bush the best player in 2005?

The Heisman Memorial Trust sure thought so.

But don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that Bush had a totally clean record, but his tainted record was off the field, not on it. As far as we know, he used no performance enhancing drugs; he just ran all over opposing defenses because the man is that good.

By the way it scrolls across the bottom of your screen on ESPN, you would think the decision has already been made to take Bush's well-deserved trophy away from him, but apparently an official decision hasn't been made.

Here, lemme make it for you: He's keeping his Heisman, and that's all there is to it.

Simple enough, right?

I can't even believe the Heisman Memorial Trust is even considering taking Bush's Heisman away from him. His performance during the 2005 season was amazing, and the things that came to light should have absolutely no weight on their decision.

The Heisman is given to the best offensive player of the year, it isn't given based on integrity. If that were the case, I can guarantee you that the Heisman Memorial Trust would have very few candidates to give their award to. I mean, let's face it: Is every player totally clean and plays by all of the NCAA's rules?

Of course not. Cheating and illegal benefits go on every day in the world of college football, it's just not brought to light.

Bush is only going through this because of the recent violations the NCAA discovered.

His Heisman was won in a totally legitimate manner: Pure, unrivaled skill.

And another thing, Reggie Bush is not a Heisman "Poser" as writer Thomas Kinslow states in his lead article on the home page of B/R entitled: "Heisman Poser: 10 Guys Who Deserve Former Trojan Reggie Bush's Stripped Trophy."

You know who deserves Reggie Bush's trophy? No one but Reggie Bush! 

Bush won it fair and square, and the fact that there is actually an entire article dedicated to fueling this ridiculous idea is unbelievable.

Reggie, don't let them take that Heisman away from you. Hide it some where, move to Albania, do something. But that trophy is yours and yours alone.

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