Crashing the Party: Five Boise State Football Myths That Must Go Away

Elias Trejo@@Elias_TrejoSenior Analyst IISeptember 7, 2010

Crashing The Party: Five Boise State Football Myths That Must Go Away

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    Everyone that is from a BCS conference school does not want Boise State involved in the BCS Title conversation.

    Nobody outside of the state of Idaho expected Boise State to go in and compete with Virginia Tech; even though Boise was ranked third and Virginia Tech was ranked seven spots back at number 10.

    Once the Hokies dominated the Broncos all discussions would be over and all of the Boise State fans could finally shut up about their team.

    Well a funny thing happened Monday night when the two teams met. Boise State defeated the Hokies and the Boise State fans could be heard chanting "BOISE STATE" all the way from Idaho.

    Here are five myths about the Broncos that must go away in 2010.


Boise State Did Not Deserve To Be Ranked No. 3

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    Many people were upset because of Boise State's #3 ranking and thought they were very overrated. Many people thought that ranking was quickly going to be taken away after the Virginia Tech Hokies dismantled the Broncos on a "Nuetral Field."

    The Broncos showed up to the game and played like a No. 3 team. They came out and exploded on the Hokies taking a commanding lead.

    They couldn't finish the game in the 2nd quarter and let the Hokies come back and take the lead.

    A true number three team knows how to finish games at home or away and that is exactly what the Broncos did.

    Kellen Moore drove his offense in a hostile environment vs a top ten team and beat the Hokies.

    The Bronocs validated their early No.3 ranking.

If Boise State Played in a BCS Conference They Couldn't Compete

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    This statement is pointless and is said without much thought. The BCS and all their conferences are all about the money.

    It cost the Boise State Broncos just over 7 million dollars to win a BCS game last season. That's right, the Broncos had a 7 million dollar budget for their football program.

    It cost the Auburn Tigers 28.3 million dollars not to win one. Many people assume that if Boise were to move to a different conference nothing would change.

    Boise would just move to the Pac-10 with their small budget and have to play all the big schools with big budgets.

    If the Broncos were to move to a bigger conference their budget at the very least would double. If they can win two BCS Trophies from 2007-2009 with a small budget what can they do with two or three times the money?

    Give the Broncos 25 million a year to run their football program and you'll have a totally different looking team.

Boise St. Doesn't Have The Size Or Speed To Compete With Bigger Schools

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    This is a question that should be asked to Virginia Tech.

    The Hokies were over powered in the first quarter and many times their offensive line couldn't hold Boise's defensive line.

    D.J. Harper looked pretty fast on his 71 yard run to the house in the third quarter. Not even the too fast and too strong players from a power conference could catch him.

    I guess Boise does have some speed and strength.

Boise State Needs Trick Plays To Win Big Games

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    Boise has been known to pull out some crazy trick plays in order to win the big games. Whether its the Hook and Ladder or Statue of Liberty  vs Oklahoma or the fake punt against TCU last year.

    Boise's offense didn't need any tricks to score on a very impressive Virginia Tech defense.

    The Broncos put up 33 points on a defense that doesn't allow too many points often. The last two teams that put up that put up 30 points or more on the Hokies were LSU in 2007 and Alabama in 2009.

    Both of those teams went on to win the national title game later on in the season.

    It's also impressive when a team can lead a game winning drive with less than two minutes left to play in against a BCS title contender in a hostile enviroment.

Boise State Doesn't Deserve a Title Shot

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    Many people are quick to say that Boise State doesn't deserve to be in the National Title Game.

    Maybe when there is a playoff system and Boise State loses in the quarter finals or semi finals we can say that, but as long as we have the BCS System anyone can say no team deserves to play in the title game.

    Since 2004 only one national title game has actually been competitive. The SEC has hammered and owned most of their challengers.

    It seems like every year there is an argument for a team to play in the title game but they got left out or someone makes it who doesn't deserve it.

    For the past five years the Big 10 and Big 12 have each taken turns sending teams to the national title game only to get beat and more than half of those weren't even that good of games.

    As long a a computer and polls decide who makes the title game then Boise State should always be in the title talks.

    If you don't think they do, write your favorite school a letter to schedule Boise for a Home at Home series and see what their response is.

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