College Football Rankings: Ten Of the Most Overrated Teams

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

College Football Rankings: Ten Of the Most Overrated Teams

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    There are many things that are overrated about college football. It seems like the same teams get ranked in the top 25 every season, just for them to get beaten by the Appalachian States and the Jacksonville States.

    The first weekend of college football helped weed out some of those overrated schools. The "mighty" will fall.

Ole Miss

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    After a stunning double overtime loss to Jacksonville State on Saturday, Ole Miss is going back to the drawing boards trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Ole Miss isn't ranked in the top 25, but this game goes to show you that the SEC can do wrong. 

No. 21 LSU

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    Another SEC school decided to underachieve. LSU nearly lost a close game to the North Carolina Tar Heels, who were missing over a dozen players, including their entire starting secondary.

    The SEC has not given a very strong performance so far to start the college football season so far.

No. 15 Pittsburgh

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    Pitt seems to do this every season. They bring in solid recruits, have a good spring practice, and then decide to come out flat against an inferior opponent.

    Utah is a good program, but a ranked team like Pitt should not struggle that much against an unranked team. Until Pitt makes a statement, if they even do make a statement, they are overrated.

No. 14 USC

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    USC is consistently one of the highest ranked schools in college football. In light of that, they are overrated almost every single season.

    USC is a cesspool for talent, but that talent seems to be the product of the system. Just look at Matt Leinart.

    In previous years, the Pac-10 has been a second tier conference, but this year there are many quality teams that will be competing with USC.

    USC is also banned from bowl games for two years, so we will see where their heart really lies later in the season, when most ranked schools are preparing for bowl season.

No. 13 Miami

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    The University of Miami, lately, just can't seem to get it done. Jacory Harris played well last season, but crumbled late in the season when the ACC title was on the line.

    Randy Shannon and his squad can't seem to bring that talent to the next level to win the ACC. Miami faces their first test of the season against Ohio State this coming Saturday.

No. 7 Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma, like Texas, is rated too high after losing their star quarterback. In Sam Bradford's absence, Oklahoma nearly lost against Utah State.

    Sophomore quarterback Landry Jones didn't get off to a good start, throwing two interceptions and completing less than 50 percent of his passes.

    Oklahoma will have to turn a complete 180 if they want to compete with Florida State next weekend.

No. 6 TCU

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    TCU is a quality football program. That being said, they still play in the lowly Mountain West Conference. TCU narrowly escaped 24th ranked Oregon State Saturday, who is the only ranked opponent on the Horned Frogs schedule.

    This is a good football program, but they are the product of an easy conference.

No. 5 Texas

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    After losing quarterback Colt McCoy, the Longhorns are still ranked number five. Garrett Gilbert, a sophomore, is now the starting quarterback.

    Gilbert saw time during the National Championship game last season when McCoy left with an injury. While that could have helped him prepare for this current season, number five is a little too high for a school with a very inexperienced quarterback.

No. 4 Florida

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    Florida showed exactly why they are overrated when they struggled immensely against Miami (OH). The Florida defense helped the struggling offense by holding firm in the red zone, holding the RedHawks to four field goals.

    Florida will not last long in this conference if they play like they did over the weekend.

No. 2 Ohio State

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    Ohio State is talked of every year like they will make the National Championship, but always fall short. Like Miami, they can't seem to get it to the next level.

    Though they went to the Rose Bowl last season, any player on that team was disappointed because the main goal for a school like Ohio State is to win the national title.

    This Saturday will play host to the battle of the overrated, when Miami travels to Ohio to play the Buckeyes.