Ten Reasons Why the Olympics Are Better Than Football

Michael CollinsAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

10. These athletes compete just to be swifter, higher and faster.


9.    Millionaires play for free.  The opening ceremony with Yao carrying the flag.


8.    No fantasy swimming.  


7.   Yelena Isinbayeva, Alona Bondarenko, Amanda Beard

      Ana Ivanovic, Rita Dravucz, Jennie Finch, Heather Mitts, Guo Jingjing

      Britta HeidemannMaria Granbassi, Valentina Vezzali -

      beautiful athletes top beautiful cheerleaders.  


 6.   Football has a new definition for a few weeks - and no Gameday.


5.    Women’s beach volleyball in China?  The world visits their where their computers

       are manufactured.  Fair trade?


4.    Tears may be shed at the awards ceremony - plus no one whines.


3.    Lithuania’s basketball jerseys.  USA Basketball's latest Dream Team.


2.    The Opening Ceremony.  Wow. 


1.    No cheerleaders, except family.  3.2 Billion of them.