College Football Predictions Week 2: 25 Predictions for the Week's Games

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

College Football Predictions Week 2: 25 Predictions for the Week's Games

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    What an opening week college football had. Who had Jacksonville State upsetting Ole Miss, at their own stadium, no less? Anyone, anyone? I didn't think so.

    There were great catches, there was drama, there were even coaches getting in the face of the head official at halftime of the Navy and Maryland game on Monday afternoon.

    Then, there was Boise State and Virginia Tech as all eyes were turned to FedEx Field in Maryland for what became an epic battle. There were momentum shifts, fumble recoveries, blocked punts, dumb penalties, and then some.

    How much more can we possibly see in Week 2? Need I mention Penn State and Alabama doing battle? How about Miami and Ohio State?

    If that doesn't get your college football juices going, then you're not a real fan.

    Here are 25 predictions and questions for Week 2 of the college football season.

Lou Holtz Will Gush Over His Former Team, Win or Lose

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    Lou Holtz has always been known to gush over Notre Dame, regardless of how they do on any given weekend.

    While that's understandable seeing as he was the head coach of the Irish for so long, sometimes the bias gets a little old.

    With Notre Dame facing Michigan this weekend, just wait for that bias to really get the best of him.

Mark May Will Be Just As Biased

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    Mark May, an ESPN college football analyst, doesn't seem to be a fan of any team west of Texas.

    Every time I've listened to him, he's got nothing good to stay about any team that isn't in a BCS conference.

    While he's not alone, I'm left wondering when that bias is going to end. Then I realize, it probably never will.

Who Will Be This Weekend's Jacksonville State?

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    Jacksonville State pulled off an improbable upset win of Ole Miss on the road. It was a win no one saw coming. A win that took double-overtime to achieve.

    So who will be this weekend's Jacksonville State? Will there be a team that can pull off another shocker?

    How about New Hampshire at Pitt, or Idaho at Nebraska?

Debate Will Be Hot and Heavy During Off Week for Boise State

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    Boise State has a bye week this weekend so you can believe there will be even more debate than there is this Tuesday morning after a victory over Virginia Tech.

    Play-by-play guys from around the country will be abuzz about Boise State's chances of getting to the BCS Championship Game.

    While it's too early to give them a spot in the title game, it's not too early to talk about the "what ifs."

No Reprieve for San Jose State

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    San Jose State traveled to Tuscaloosa, Ala., to face the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

    If that wasn't bad enough, they will be at Camp Randall Stadium to face the Wisconsin Badgers this week.

    At least they're getting good paydays for their beatdowns.

Terrelle Pryor Takes Miami Apart

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    A Miami player has already said it's not an "if they beat Ohio State, but when."

    I think Miami forgot that they're playing at The Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio, and not in Miami.

    Terrelle Pryor will continue to work his way towards an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation at the end of the season.

    He'll do so by taking apart Miami with his arm and his legs. This game is never close.

Mississippi State Comes Out with an Upset

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    Auburn will visit Mississippi State this weekend and won't enjoy their road trip.

    While the Tigers enjoy an early lead and may even have that lead heading into the second half, it won't last for long.

    Mississippi State comes from behind and holds on for the upset of 22nd-ranked Auburn.

UConn Isn't Notre Dame

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    Michigan picked up a much-needed win at home against UConn in the opening weekend, mostly because Rich Rod may have been run out of town by fans holding torches and pitchforks, but their visit to Notre Dame won't go as planned.

    The Wolverines head back to Ann Arbor after getting beat by the Irish.

Wyoming Gets the Wrong End of the Horns

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    Texas opened their season against a food (Rice) and enjoyed a somewhat easy win, though Garrett Gilbert struggled.

    This weekend won't be much different, as Wyoming comes to town, but there isn't a cowboy that can rope Bevo and the Longhorns in Austin.

Over/Under on How Many Points Scored by Alabama and Penn State

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    Penn State and Alabama will match up in a game that a lot of college football fans are looking forward to, a game most of us will be glued to.

    While Alabama has the edge, especially playing at home, they will be facing a solid Penn State offense.

    So what's the over/under on points scored in this game?

    Let's start it at 75. Thoughts?

I Feel Bad for James Madison

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    Virginia Tech is coming off a tough loss to Boise State and they're going to want to take it out on someone.

    Unfortunately, that someone is going to be James Madison.

    The Hokies are going to have pent-up frustration and it's going to all come out in a blowout this weekend.

Anyone Picking Tennessee Over Oregon?

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    I'm just curious if anyone is picking a SEC team at home against a top 15 team from the Pac-10?

    The SEC is the most powerful conference in football, right, or so I've heard?

    Nothing against Derek Dooley, but even the Vols can't keep Oregon from picking up a win.

Jake Locker Has a Big Game Against Syracuse

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    Jake Locker didn't have a bad game against BYU, throwing for 266 yards and a touchdown.

    However, missing on two different fourth-down conversions in the fourth quarter will be something that will be stuck in the craw of Locker going into their game this weekend.

    Syracuse will need to keep Locker from going over 300 yards, but the way he'll be playing, that's going to be tough.

A Blowout in Pittsburgh

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    Pitt suffered a tough loss to Utah in college football's opening weekend and, like Virginia Tech, will be looking to take out their frustration against somebody.

    They'll have New Hampshire as their opponent and there will be a blowout sighting in this one.

Battle of the Painted Faces

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    I did this last week and picked Nebraska to win the inaugural "Battle of the Painted Faces."

    This week, Florida State will travel to Norman to face the Oklahoma Sooners.

    So, look for the Sooner fans to show up and put on their best "faces" for this one.

The "Wake Me When It's Over" Game of the Week

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    Villanova and Temple were the unfortunate winners of this illustrious award last week.

    This week, the award goes to Baylor and Buffalo doing battle.

    Anyone outside of alumni watching this?

New Mexico Is a Punching Bag for Yet Another Team

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    New Mexico traveled to Eugene, Ore., to take on the Ducks. What they didn't expect was being down 59-0 at the half and ending the trip to Oregon with a 72-0 loss.

    While they're not one of the top teams in the Mountain West, surely they could score on somebody, right?

    Unfortunately, they'll welcome in another good offensive team in Texas Tech this coming Saturday, and the points will once again get piled up on the Lobos.

    This one might be over as quickly as it was this past weekend.

Could the Yellow Jackets Forget Their Stingers Against Kansas?

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    Sure, Georgia Tech put a beating on South Carolina State 41-10 this past weekend, but traveling to Lawrence, Kan., will prove to be a tougher test for the 16th-ranked Yellow Jackets.

    While they are in the top 20 in the country, they'll face a Kansas team coming off a disappointing 6-3 loss to North Dakota State, so the Jayhawks will want to prove that they are not the team that forgot to show up.

    Losing at home against North Dakota State is tough to swallow, but showing up big against Georgia Tech would make fans forget about how the season started.

John Brantley Is No Tim Tebow. Maybe That's a Good Thing.

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    John Brantley isn't Tim Tebow. The sooner the Gator fans learn that, the better Brantley will become.

    His debut this past weekend didn't go as planned as Brantley completed just 17 of 25 passes for just 113 yards. Not the debut Florida or their fans were expecting.

    However, the sooner Brantley learns to become his own quarterback, the sooner he can settle in and become his own guy.

    He'll get another shot against South Florida on Saturday.

Is There a Bromance Beginning with Brent Musburger and Boise State?

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    ESPN's Brent Musburger was gushing about Boise State last night against Virginia Tech and it led me to wonder if Brent has a little crush on the Broncos?

    Though one of his funniest lines of the night challenged the college football coaches when he said, "Coaches, are you paying attention?" referencing how Boise State was playing after going up 17-0 early on in the game.

Despite Wins, BYU and Utah Will Remain in Boise State's BCS Shadow

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    BYU and Utah are both potential BCS busters, but neither school are getting near the hype that Boise State is receiving.

    Despite both schools picking up wins in Week 1, neither got very much national talk. In Week 2, not much will change. Both will pick up wins, yet despite Boise State being off this weekend, both BYU and Utah will remain in Boise State's BCS shadow.

Over/Under on One-Handed Touchdown Catches

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    There were a few big one-handed catches this past weekend. One by Alabama, another by Boise State.

    How many will we see this time around?

    I'll set the over/under at four. Thoughts?

One Team Will Be Out of the Top 25

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    Florida State, currently sitting at 20th in the AP and USA Today polls, will be in Norman, Oklahoma this coming weekend to face the Sooners.

    Though Florida State had a less than impressive opening weekend opponent, Samford, they will have a harder time against Oklahoma, who's ranked seventh in the AP and eighth in the coaches poll.

    After a lopsided loss, you might see the Seminoles on the outside looking in.

Colin Kaepernick Outshines Kellen Moore

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    Sure, Kellen Moore had a respectable night for Boise State against Virginia Tech, but watch Nevada's Colin Kaepernick this weekend against Colorado State.

    This is a young quarterback who can not only beat you with his arm but is capable of pulling it down and taking off for big yardage.

    Colorado State doesn't have one of the best defenses, even in their own conference, so Kaepernick has the perfect opponent to take advantage of in his home opener.

Case Keenum Might Be on a Pitch Count

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    Keenum is well known for throwing 30 or more times during a game, but only came up with 22 pass attempts in a 68-28 win over Texas State.

    They have UTEP coming to town this weekend and the Houston coaching staff might have Keenum on a pass count. He might reach 40 or more pass attempts and well over 300 yards this weekend.