Heisman Finalists: Get Chase Daniel Off the Ballot

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2007

Icon Sports MediaOne of these things is not like the other.

One of these players just does not belong.

One of these men sticks out like a sore thumb.

His name rhymes with "Mace Fan, Ya'll." 

Let's face it: In the last few years, three nominees has been the standard for the Heisman. Three's a good number. For some reason, each year provides about three players who make a solid case for the award.  

Think of Leinart, Peterson, and White, or more recently Bush, Leinart, and Young. Each of those trios were good enough to make you sit down, think about it for an hour, make a selection, and then think about it again.

And then you'd change your mind.

And, in theory, this year should be no different.

If you haven't had a debate with your best buddy about Tim Tebow the Sophomore, or whether Colt Brennan's amazing stats are inflated—you're probably not a college football fan at all. 

Heck, choosing between Tebow, Brennan, and Darren McFadden is all but impossible. So why did the Heisman powers-that-be add Chase Daniel to the running?

Daniel's odds are listed at 25-to-1 on Bodog, which is Vegas-speak for "no chance in hell."

Evidently, though, those virtuous enough to ignore the free market and swear off gambling think otherwise. 

And yes, I know the old arguments. Some Heisman watchers would say it's an honor just to be nominated. To some extent it is—but not when you arrive in New York knowing full well that your butt will remain planted to your chair throughout the ceremony.

Chase Daniel had a fantastic year. Everyone at Mizzou should be proud of their season, and the respect that the Tigers earned for their program and their conference.

But Daniel ain't Tim "Superman" Tebow.

His numbers were lower across the board than Colt Brennan's, and his team didn't make a BCS bowl like Hawai'i did.

And he wasn't the undisputed master of his position, à la Darren McFadden.

So let the Mizzou fans pick me apart for bringing this up. Again, they have every reason to be proud of Chase—but somebody has to point out how ridiculous his Heisman candidacy is.

There are three legitimate contenders for the Heisman Trophy—and thus there should have been three nominees. 

College football fans were fortunate to see three young men of such overwhelming talent light up the turf this year. We should reward those three with a trip to New York.

Sorry Chase, but your ticket to Manhattan is a little bit lighter than the other guys'.