Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Big Ten: Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin

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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Big Ten: Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin
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The Big Ten is on the path of resurgence. There is no doubt about it. After getting some respect from several bowl victories last year, the Big Ten sought to strengthen their credibility this offseason. Of course, the NCAA "Redistricting Act" had a lot to do with it. The addition of the Big Ten Championship along with the Nebraska Cornhuskers will provide the conference with new excitement. Nebraska is currently ranked No. 9.

What do Cornhusker fans have to look forward to? Well, the Big Ten might not be the Ohio State cakewalk conference it once was. New competition from Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and perhaps Michigan, will make things interesting this season. Adding Nebraska and the Big Ten Championship next year are the icing on a very delicious cake.

Last year we saw the rise of Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, and Wisconsin both in the BCS and smaller bowl games. Of course, there are some very interesting match-ups in Week 2 that promise to add fuel to the fire as we have Ohio State going at it with Miami, as well as Alabama vs. Penn State, and Michigan vs. Notre Dame.

What does this mean for Nebraska? Well, these Big Ten proving grounds could set the tone for next season, strengthening the conference as a whole. The more victories for the Big Ten, the better the competition should be for Nebraska.

Cornhusker fans already enjoy the big games against Oklahoma and Texas, but now they may have more quality competition to look forward to. It has not been typical to associate the words Big Ten Conference and powerhouse. That perception could very well change in the near future.

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