Will Sportsmanship Play A Big Role In College Football In 2010-11

Al Hondo HandyCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2010

When the College Football Season kicked off this week, I wondered what role sportsmanship would play on the teams in leagues such as the ACC, Big 12, Big Easdt, Big 10, Pacific 10, SEC and Independents.

Would it be an opportunity for teams to set the example for upcoming Pop Warner Youth Football teams or would it be more of the same of players throwing punches an getting suspended on week #1?

Will the players, coaches and teams be the one that the youth football players look up to and follow as role models?  Will they dream about playing the way their role models are playing or acting the way that they are showing bad sportsmanship?

Will the college fans show the young spectator how to cheers for their teams or will the college fans show the up and coming sports enthusiast how not to show their pride?

It will be a great football season and I look forward to it.  I look forward to playing my first fantasy football also.  What I do not look forward to is unsportsmanlike acts on the behalf of the college athlete, coach or spectator. 

I realize that there is a a lot of of pressure on the players to perform, the coaches to show results and the Universities to win, however we should all show respect when trying to achieve these results.  Keeping in mind that someone has to win and someone has to loose.

When football is over and life goes on, you don't want to be remembered as someone that couldn't work with others as a team because of poor sportsmanship.  That wouldn't be good for anyone's resume.

Good Luck to all the college football teams, enjoy the season, try to stay injury free and remember Sportsmanship Counts!