Young Gators Have Much To Prove After A Slippery Opening Start

Eric DormanAnalyst ISeptember 5, 2010

John Brantley
John BrantleySam Greenwood/Getty Images

Well, I know a lot of us probably expected that John Brantley and the Florida Gators would be like they used to be. However it's a new era at Florida with a lot of talented freshman and a lot of fast players. John  Brantley has been the one player I have criticized for a while and the first Gator Game proved to me that Brantley has a lot of work to do.

However he did make a lot of good throws,but what really messed the Gators up was their Center, Pouncey who seemed like a first time snapper. Pouncey shouldn't have been Center because he isn't used to that position and he would be better used somewhere else.

Like I have said before John Brantley proved to me that he is still a young quarterback even though he's been their for three years learning under one of College Football's Greatest Quarterbacks,Tim Tebow. Even though he learned from Tebow that doesn't mean he will be as good or come out his first game and throw for a huge number of yards. The Gators remind me of a young team that have good talented players around them,but lack experience in big time game situations.

Chris Rainey,Demps,and a few others should true talent when they needed to step up for the Gators. Since Demps is the fastest of the whole Gator Team in my opinion he should once again why I believe he will be the Gator go to man when they need a big burst if speed.

13 yards will not cut it though next weekend when they play USF. Brantley will have to find open receivers to help him and a new snapper. 

I still don't see where Brantley has a better arm then Tim Tebow because he seemed to do be more of a scrambler in his first game. I know that one game doesn't show all of the potential,but it gave myself a pretty good idea of who he is.

As for my opinion of how John Brantley was in his debut of being the Gator's Quarterback well, he reminds me of a young quarterback that shows potential,but has much to learn about how to settle into being the quarterback of one of the top leading schools in the SEC.

However I did like what I saw of how he scrambled around and didn't rush his throws. In time I think John Brantley will be a very good quarterback for Florida and make his own legacy at a school that has in the past held quite a place for top College Football Players.